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The benefits and harms of pecan

Pecan - a woody plant, which also belongs to the family nutty. Find a nut may be in the United States (in the southeast), in the Crimea, Central Asia and the Caucasus. This geography of this plant is due to its needs in the hot, humid air. This is a very unusual tree, which reaches a height of 60 meters. Yes, and the thickness of the wood or slightly inferior to its height, girth pecan grows up to two meters. Due to the fact that this plant is a straight trunk, the wood from it is often used as veneers, made from her skiing. Pecan is a very beautiful unique crown, its leaves turn yellow in the fall almost last. In general, the tree can bear fruit for three centuries. But we are interested in is not the tree itself, and its fruit. Pecan is very similar to olive when still in the shell.

Because of such characteristics gave him the second name - olive nut. To taste the pecans resemble familiar walnuts for us. Only pecans are tastier, more tender and sweeter. The nutritional value of olive fruits of pecan nut - a never-ending source of energy for humans. Only 100 grams instead of 690 calories nut. But beyond that, there is hidden a lot of natural antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. From mineral substances in pecans have manganese; calcium; zinc; iron; selenium; magnesium; potassium. The fruits of most nuts are rich in B vitamins and vitamin E. By the way, the latter is designed to protect the human body from harmful viruses. If you often fill the body with vitamins, which are hidden in the fruit pecan, it is unlikely that once pozhaluetes on brittle nails, fatigue, muscle cramps and other ailments.

Being aware of the beneficial properties of pecan, mankind learned to use it to their needs in the most diverse spheres of life. 1. It eaten raw, or the dried, whole or fine-cut pecans added to various dishes. For example, a salad, these nuts will add a piquant flavor and toppings to make crispy chicken. Often it is added in a variety of desserts. Oil from the fruit pecan seasoned salads and rice. 2. Its use in skin care Butter pecan has a very good moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is recommended to use for people of mature dry skin. Doing Facial invisible film, oil protects the skin from the effects of bad things. 3. It is used in medicine, eat pecan nuts doctors recommend that those who suffer from fatigue, anemia, anorexia, beriberi, a malfunction of the kidneys, stomach and liver. The beneficial properties of olive nut Learning about such a rich composition of nuts, scientists have just had use of all their properties. We are talking about the pecan, benefit and harm is also described and studied at the highest level. Scientists have done a lot of research on the influence of pecan body and concluded that pecans raises the level of "useful" cholesterol; reduces "bad" cholesterol; It has an antioxidant effect; warns cancers; It protects against coronary artery disease; reduces the risk of heart attack; anti-aging; prevents eye diseases that occur in old age, or from stress and unnecessary stress; It purifies the blood; prevents atherosclerosis; It prevents the formation of thrombi. Where it is necessary to be cautious even so, rich in vitamins and useful elements, the product has its contraindications and cautions: If you have a lot of pecan, can harm the figure. Anyone can suffer individual intolerance, that is an allergy. Do not store fruit peeled pecans. Due to the large amount of fat they are made quickly rancid. Buy is only unrefined olive nuts. Despite these caveats, pecans remains delicious, useful and this pantry vitality.