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The benefits and harms of macadamia nut

Macadamia - the most expensive nut in the world. And it is expensive in every sense. Firstly, the price. Due to the uniqueness and complexity of the cultivation of this nut must pay a large sum of money. Secondly, the beneficial properties for the human body. Since then, scientists have begun to explore this rare nut, with his help was able to solve many problems and prevent various diseases. For example, today, macadamia nuts are often used in cosmetics and cooking. The discoverer of this tree was a research botanist Ferdinand von Mueller. The name of this nut Ferdinand gave honor to his friend John MacAdam. Today, the world knows about a dozen species of this plant. 5 species of macadamia grow in Australia, which annually brings together about 40% of the harvest of these nuts. 

The remaining 60% is grown in Brazil, the United States (California and Hawaii), South Africa and other tropical countries. The unique composition of macadamia This rare and wonderful macadamia nut, benefit and harm which is due to its composition. This nut is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, essential oils, natural sugar, vitamins, fiber, protein and minerals. Due to its unique composition, this is quite rare, walnut found its application in various spheres of human life. It is especially useful for health and beauty. If you go to the figures, in 100 grams of raw nuts exists most fat - 75.8 g, moreover, there are a lot of fiber or fiber - 8.6 g of protein - 7.9 g, carbohydrates - 4.6 g water - 1.4 g and ash - 1.1 In macadamia contains almost all vitamins of the B complex, niacin, folic acid, vitamins C and E. of the macronutrients, these nuts are rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, of microelements is available copper, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese. And some more numbers: 100 grams of macadamia nuts contains about 718 calories. Useful properties of macadamia nuts Macadamia Australian Aborigines considered a sacred tree. This was a nut for them is not only tasty and healthy food, but also a drug that allowed the bone to heal disease, relieve migraine headaches, burns and wound healing, strengthens the immune system, has been a source of vitality and energy. Due to its unique composition of macadamia nut able

That weight loss, despite the high caloric content! Thanks to the rich composition of macadamia leads to normal metabolism, promotes weight loss. And this theory is not fictional. The unique ability of these nuts made macadamia basis Hemptonovskoy diet. So, what to eat and Get da fuck up more beautiful! Oil macadamia nuts Pronounced nutty flavor, yellowish color, viscosity - yes, these are signs of macadamia oil. It is recommended to use for dandruff, allergies, cellulite, rosacea, keratosis, dehydrated and rough skin. Also, macadamia oil - an excellent tool for the prevention of skin aging, it restores it moisturizes, nourishes and tones. Therefore, it is recommended for mature skin, which is no longer able to secrete sebum. Despite this, the use of these nuts and oil for baby massage. People from dry skin is recommended to take therapeutic baths with macadamia oil. Macadamia nuts are used to care for damaged hair. Hair restored right before our eyes. And those who suffer from dandruff, get rid of this trouble. Another oil these nuts are used in anti-cellulite cosmetics, which rids the body of stretch marks. Macadamia and cooking To taste these nuts like hazelnuts, but they are more tender and delicate. In cooking, macadamia found its use in desserts. Sweet Tooth is probably often add these nuts in desserts, pastries and desserts. Excellent macadamia combined with seafood, fish and meat, it is often added to salads. Often in these dishes add oil of nuts, to make them more savory and useful. Contraindications to the use macadamia Of all the contraindications, which can only be associated with macadamia unless allergy - idiosyncrasy. For a man it's just a storehouse of minerals and vitamins. But animals can harm macadamia. For example, in dogs, these nuts cause poisoning, which is accompanied by long-term weakness. So, do not try to share the goodies with their pets. Indeed, macadamia - is a unique, rare, expensive and very useful walnut, which by the number of useful properties inferior to all the other nuts in the world. Eat, cook delicious gourmet meals, grow thin and be healthy!