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The benefits and harms of Nitrates

Nitrates in vegetables

We eat to live, but it is the quality of the used products will depend on life expectancy. Of course, we all want to be beautiful, healthy and happy, but hinder that poor environmental conditions, constant stress, fumes in the streets and even the products that we buy in stores for uglom.Ovoschi and fruit are irreplaceable on the table the average Russian. The fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and health nutrients, we eat them in their raw form, adding to salads, boil, fry. However, many of us do not realize how much harm to health may include favorite potatoes, carrots or apples. If you grow vegetables in your garden and do not use any fertilizer, then you most likely do not worry, but those who buy fruits and vegetables in a shop should be aware that they may contain nitrates.

In order to achieve high yields of vegetables and fruits, the manufacturers today use fertilizers containing nitrates. Nitrates - perhaps the most dangerous chemical compounds, the concentration of which must be carefully observed, but many manufacturers forget about it. Getting to eat vegetables and fruits, the nitrates in the exceeding of the cause of poisoning, different diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems. In the body, nitrates are converted to nitrites in the intestine, which interact with hemoglobin, it is converted to methemoglobin. He was not able to deliver to the organs and tissues of oxygen, resulting in anoxia, somnolence, lethargy, shortness of breath. The constant use of fruits and vegetables with a high content of nitrates can lead to gastric cancer, cyanosis, tachycardia. Pregnant women who eat such products, harming not only themselves, but also the baby that has not yet even born.

Eat a poison do not want anyone, but how to protect themselves and their loved ones from danger? There is a simple way - to measure nitrates in vegetables and fruits a special device that can now buy each. It is called - nitrate tester Coex. It can help you quickly analyze and determine whether the contained nitrates in vegetables and fruits. Analysis yield 30 kinds of fruits and vegetables and fresh meat. To measure is necessary to pierce the products special measuring probe and the instrument will show immediately, the rate is exceeded or not of nitrates in vegetables and fruits.