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The benefits and harms of sugar

Sugar - a product that is among the overwhelming majority of Russians considered to be one of the primary. His habit of adding green tea, coffee, many dairy products are subject to almost everyone. However, this product has gained universal popularity in our country not so long ago. Up to 50-ies of the last century, our compatriots often ate honey than sugar. In ancient times, this product is obtained from a special grade of cane. Later sugar began to produce on an industrial scale from cheaper raw materials. In the XIX century in Russia and Germany were the fields that are designed specifically for the cultivation of sugar beet. In this regard, a sweet product began to take a lot of popularity among the people.

During the Great Patriotic War of the sugar industry in the USSR it was severely damaged. Fully restore its scale was possible only in the 1970s. Benefits and harms of sugar - a subject of perpetual dispute researchers. Ingestion of this product is necessary. However, every once heard that it's pretty bad. Numerous commercials urging us to completely abandon its use. The question of what is useful sugar, for the majority of looks absurd. However, to think about, it is easy to find the answer. Useful properties of sugar many people underestimate.

The use of sugar is that in its composition it contains large amounts of glucose needed to correct the processes of the brain. Upon cleavage of glucose energy is released, which gives the body endurance and performance. People who have to work at night, it is recommended to increase the amount of sweets and fruits to be included in the diet. "Hormone of happiness", or, in scientific language, serotonin in the body is generated as a result of the processing of insulin, and that in turn produced by the pancreas of sugar consumed. That is why the sweet uplifting. The use of sugar is used in cosmetics and, based on it made body scrubs. Soft abrasive properties of sugar help to cleanse the skin of dead cells.

The harm of sugar, which is so often said to dentists, is that excessive amounts of sweets intake may contribute to damage tooth enamel and tooth decay. Do not forget that the pure product poses no nutritional value. However, its very high calorie. It is believed that the sweet and flour - the main enemies of a beautiful figure. Nutritionists often recommend replacing consumption of sugar useful honey. Abuse of sugar leads to obesity and the development of diabetic diseases. And this is - a direct path to disruption of the heart. Consume sugar in the food you can, even necessary, but its content in the diet should be moderate.