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The benefits and harms of Salt

Salt - a unique food product, essentially a mineral formed in the womb of the world. In ancient times, people intuitively felt the need of the organism in salt. This mineral is extracted from sea water and ate. In Russia in areas where salt is cooked, the special tax has been established for this product. This mineral is used as a dietary supplement is not the first millennium. Sprinkle salt and today is considered a bad omen. It originated in the culture of the Russian people, because of the high cost of this unique mineral substance. People treated him tenderly. This is confirmed by a great number of legends, proverbs and sayings. 


An ancient legend has it that the salt is able to ward off evil spirits. She sprinkled the threshold, starting to divination. Bread and salt has always been considered a symbol of wealth and solvency. Encountering such a treat guests, the hostess, so expressed to him their respects. There is a popular expression: "That's the salt!". Under the salt in this case refers to the essence, the most important thing. Times have changed, and now almost any dish necessarily seasoned salt. We tend to think that it emphasizes the taste improves. But few people think about what is useful salt.

The use of salt has been estimated by scientists even ancient Rome. Sodium chloride contained in its structure can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. It lowers bad cholesterol in the blood. The beneficial properties of salt reduces the body's need for insulin, which makes the product indispensable for diabetics. In addition, it is believed that it serves as sugar, good antidepressant. salt intake helps keep the body in the desired amount of moisture and amino acids. And also it is required for stimulation of the brain cells. Proponents of salt-free diets are at risk as early as forty years to gain dementia. It is also known that this mineral is necessary for proper operation of the digestive system. Use salt assessed and beauticians - they recommend periodically add mineral in the water bath. It is noticed that the sea water, rich in valuable mineral that has a beneficial effect on skin health.

Damage salt in that it contributes to the formation of saline deposits and of kidney stones in the urinary tract. The daily rate of this mineral intake for an adult is limited to five grams. Benefits and harms of salt - a double edged sword. Abuse of "salty" can bring irreparable damage to the body, but completely exclude it from your diet also should not be.