Benefit and harm of nutritional supplements

The benefits and harms of Preservatives

Now the products that we buy in the store, there are many different nutritional supplements. So I decided to open a new section, "food additives" and to talk about the best nutritional supplements, what and how they affect. Today I'll tell you what the food preservatives and why they are used.

The shelf life of food, by the way, not only food, are able to extend the so-called preservatives due to their ability to inhibit the development of micro-organisms, which are precisely the cause microbiological spoilage of our food with you. Simultaneously there with preservatives and disinfectants. Do not confuse them. Disinfectants, of course, can instantly kill germs, but after disinfection is not possible to return the product original flavor. A preservatives, disinfectants unlike only prevent the development of undesired microbes. Taste, of course, also can not return, but at least do not spoil.

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The benefits and harms of Food colorings

Since time immemorial, for a more delicious kinds of food and beverages were added dyes, and no one cared harmful dyes. First dyes extracted from natural sources - fruits, vegetables, berries, roots rasteniy.K natural dyes in the course of evolution the human body has adapted well. In its composition of organic colorants include pigments, organic acid, flavoring, vitamins. And, although many of them set the maximum allowable concentration, natural dyes are considered safe for human health.Currently, a large widespread artificial food dyes, which are water-soluble organic compounds that do not exist in nature. they have no nutritional value, but the damage to the dyes for the human body is very possible. Currently used in the food industry coloring agents are labeled E100 - E199.

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The benefits and harms of Nitrates

Nitrates in vegetables

We eat to live, but it is the quality of the used products will depend on life expectancy. Of course, we all want to be beautiful, healthy and happy, but hinder that poor environmental conditions, constant stress, fumes in the streets and even the products that we buy in stores for uglom.Ovoschi and fruit are irreplaceable on the table the average Russian. The fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and health nutrients, we eat them in their raw form, adding to salads, boil, fry. However, many of us do not realize how much harm to health may include favorite potatoes, carrots or apples. If you grow vegetables in your garden and do not use any fertilizer, then you most likely do not worry, but those who buy fruits and vegetables in a shop should be aware that they may contain nitrates.

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The benefits and harms of sugar

Sugar - a product that is among the overwhelming majority of Russians considered to be one of the primary. His habit of adding green tea, coffee, many dairy products are subject to almost everyone. However, this product has gained universal popularity in our country not so long ago. Up to 50-ies of the last century, our compatriots often ate honey than sugar. In ancient times, this product is obtained from a special grade of cane. Later sugar began to produce on an industrial scale from cheaper raw materials. In the XIX century in Russia and Germany were the fields that are designed specifically for the cultivation of sugar beet. In this regard, a sweet product began to take a lot of popularity among the people.

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