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The benefits and harms of sea salt

On the shelves has long appeared solmorskaya sea salt, and today it takes pride of place among other solids. However, many housewives of habit continue to buy ordinary table salt. For any other, they are treated with some mistrust. However, sea salt food is their real "fans". Some believe that it is much more useful to the ordinary and indiscriminately put it in everything. Lovers of the sea will believe that the more - the better.

Sea salt in moderation requires the human body for normal functioning. Sea salt has long evaporated from sea water under the influence of environmental factors, and then harvested by hand in special pools, and its production technology to date remains unchanged. Sea salt is a concentrate of natural energy, it was created by nature itself. The dish is cooked with the addition of sea salt, can not be compared in taste to the food, seasoned with regular table salt.

Use sea salt is its exceptionally rich natural composition. There is no expiry date of the salt, she did not afraid of the air, the sun, as the iodine present in it, not artificially added, and natural origin. The high concentration of essential macro and trace elements too natural.

The eternal debate about the benefits and dangers of salt probably will not ever stop. Some scientists say the head, that salt - this white death, and others, that life is not possible without salt. Both are in their own right. So, let's still see what the sea salt, the benefits and harms of salt.

The ideal salt - sea salt is vaporized. And it is more than gray, the more it natural minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, iron and others. According to the theory of acid-base balance, a lot of chronic diseases caused by acidification of the blood, lymph and all cellular tissues and fluids. This sea salt - one of the main alkaline elements needed by the human body.

Food sea salt is of several types. The most valuable product - this is a gray sea salt. This shade is obtained from ocean mud, in which there is a gradual accumulation of microscopic particles of algae dyunalielly. This marine plant has amazing healing properties. Dyunaliellu specifically extracted for preparation of various medicines antioxidant action. In the shops you definitely are large or fine sea salt. Fine grinding of the salt for use in salads, ready meals directly. The most common is perfect white sea salt dissolves well, it is very pleasant to the taste.

The benefits of sea salt can be assessed only by examining its components in detail. Included in the sea salt potassium sodium accelerate metabolic process in the human body. Calcium prevents infection, helps rapid healing of wounds, forming cell membranes. Bromo has a calming effect on the human nervous system. Magnesium has a strong anti-allergic properties. Iodine is essential for the normalization of hormonal, lipid metabolism. To strengthen the immune system need manganese, part of sea salt. Zinc supports the function of sexual glands. Iron is an excellent carrier of oxygen to all the organs of the human body, it promotes the formation of red blood cells. Silicon makes the skin elastic and supple. All the above components included in the composition, confirms the benefit of sea salt.

Very much common bath with sea salt. They allow most women struggle with cellulite, such baths restore skin elasticity, smoothness, cleanse the pores. It is through the open pores person receives the necessary minerals that are spread throughout the body. After regular intake of sea salt baths with significantly improved health, a person becomes more efficient.

Use sea salt is palpable in the presence of pimples, pustules. Washing with sea salt solution, followed by applying olive oil will make your skin clean and smooth. Applied sea salt to improve the condition of hair, it is believed that regular rubbing salt into wet scalp works wonders. There is a cleansing of the scalp of keratinized cells significantly stimulates the metabolism, excess sebum removed, exposes the necessary oxygen for growth of hair. It is possible to dissolve sea salt in yogurt, curdled milk, then rub this mixture the scalp.

Exclusive use of sea salt is observed for inclusion in the diet of people who need to improve the immune system, regulate blood pressure, to put in order the work of the intestine, or thyroid. At a cold, sinusitis, tonsillitis sea salt solution allows fine wash sinuses, such a procedure is remarkably contributes to the destruction of harmful bacteria and viruses. It will help with severe pain in the throat teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in a glass of water, gargle this solution is much more effective than conventional pharmaceutical means.

It is believed that sea salt is harmless and useful for health, as opposed to a regular table. But recent research scientists prove otherwise - regardless of the type of salt, sea she or regular dining room, all grades and types of salts include sodium chloride. This element, in high doses, is able to harm your health.

In our modern time, people exceed the daily rate of salt intake to a few times, this leads to high blood pressure can lead to stroke, be a prerequisite to the development of heart failure.

Remember that should not be abused products containing salt in a large amount. The daily rate of salt intake - no more than one teaspoon.

Sea salt - is the elixir of health, youth and longevity. But in any case, one of the least wise proverb says, "All's well that in moderation!" Bon appetit!