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The benefits and harms of Phosphorus

There are many substances and trace elements, without which the human body can not do. Our today's article will be devoted to one of the most important components of a healthy diet. Here we will focus on this topic - "the use of phosphorus and harmful."

Phosphorus is involved in the formation of our skeletal system, ensure the normal kidney function and cell growth, phosphorus is directly related to the metabolism of the human body. Besides all this, of phosphorus it depends on the activity of the central nervous system. And it has been listed only the most important functions of phosphorus in the body. Agree favor of phosphorus can not be overestimated.

Exemplary phosphorus content in the human body - 1kg. The daily phosphorus intake rate for the adult healthy person from 1500 to 1800 mg for pregnant and lactating women - 3000-3800 mg. Children, depending on age should consume 1200 to 2500 mg per day. Do without phosphorus is simply impossible, because he is involved in all metabolic processes in the body. The highest content of this element in pulses, dairy products, eggs, nuts, fish, meat and animals.


However, do not forget to get the real benefits of phosphorus to your body, you need to use it in conjunction with calcium. This is because it is best absorbed in the body, the ratio should be 1: 1. The optimal ratio of these substances are contained in fat cottage cheese and hazelnuts.

Next we will look at what the consequences resulting lack of phosphorus in the body. First - this is osteoporosis bone tissue, and secondly - reduction of health and intellectual activity. The manifestation of a lack of phosphorus in the body - drowsiness, headaches, short-term memory loss. More dangerous symptoms - is bone pain, constant fatigue, ie you will feel overwhelmed, even after a long sleep. The person becomes irritable, If breathing is irregular, constant tremors in the limbs - all these can be avoided - the main time to replenish stocks of phosphorus in the body.

However, an overabundance of phosphorus as a bad thing. phosphorus harm to the human body has the following consequences: a violation of the nervous system, the kidneys and bone. The kidney stones can even be formed, vascular disease may occur.

Therefore, eat healthy food, eat healthy during and in the right proportions, and your body will be strong and beautiful body.