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The benefits and harms of calcium

Consider the question: the use of calcium and damage. What outweighs?

Calcium, along with phosphorous are skeletogenous elements, because they are the main component of bone. Calcium activates the activity of some important enzymes, participates in maintaining the body's ion balance. Calcium also influences the processes that occur in the neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems. The use of calcium seems undeniable. Calcium is part of a group of macronutrients needed for a complete organism. However, in a woman's life is the period when excessive calcium intake is not desirable when the damage manifests calcium. This is the period of pregnancy.

At this time, the woman does not need to receive an excessive amount of calcium, and this should limit intake and calcium-rich foods, especially dairy products. This is done to reduce the likelihood of birth trauma.

Under natural conditions, none of the female mammal does not drink milk during pregnancy. It is only at home we make our pets to consume dairy and calcium-rich foods when they are hatching their offspring, with the best intentions. In accordance with all of the recommendations of medicine and veterinary medicine, saying that the use of calcium for pregnant women is beyond doubt.

Enriched with calcium nutrition for pregnant women - it is unnecessary and even dangerous invention, provoking calcium harm. Excess calcium contained in the body of the fetus, as well as mothers pelvic bone, represents a significant threat for the normal course delivery. The softer the fetal head (within the normal range), the greater the chance that it will pass the birth canal of women, avoiding injury. If the skull of a child being born prematurely numb and fontanels decreased to dangerous proportions, the likelihood of injury increases significantly. And it can lead to very serious complications during childbirth. In practice, this results in calcification of the placenta, interferes with normal nutrition of the fetus; exacerbating the generic pain in mothers; pressure on the brain and the spine of the child that the birth process can cause serious injuries and even neonatal death; low elasticity of the birth canal of women, which hinders the normal course of delivery; overgrown fontanelle premature baby, which can lead to various pathologies. Thus, calcium harm to pregnancy and childbirth is demonstrated quite convincingly.

These facts are confirmed by constant practice birth. If the expectant mother does not crack calcium-containing preparations without measures, the generic activities are successful, shortened period attempts, the children at the time of birth and have higher physiological and psychological parameters in the future.

So do not rush to consume calcium in high doses. Although a small amount of natural calcium, for example, in the form of chalk, you can afford. The use of calcium in the normal range proved. If you are concerned about the state of your teeth and gums, do the local chalk application in the mouth and brush your teeth with tooth powder based on chalk.