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The benefits and harms of Amino acids

Amino acids - are organic compounds which combine the characteristics of the amines and acids are chemical that is a unit that forms a protein, a substance that is a basis of life. Now we know that this amino acid.

The amino acids are useful? The human body is composed of protein. Various forms of the proteins take part in the processes that occur in living organisms. Proteins are the hormones and enzymes that are formed all the organs in the human body, nails, hair, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments. Actually amino acids are more valuable nutrients than do whites.

There are two kinds of amino acids "nonessential" - those that are synthesized in the human body, and "essential" - only those people can receive only with meals.

So-called "essential", act on the body, like vitamins, their absence in the body can result in serious illness, or worse, have been fatal.

There are many different opinions about the use of amino acids. Benefits and harms of amino acids, is the subject of debate at many sites. So what are all the same beneficial properties of amino acids?

The use of amino acids is shown that they are necessary for the normal and proper construction of the body and maintain its proper operation. They help to better absorb vitamins and minerals, and improve the performance of their functions. Typically, athletes take amino acids in order to be stronger and build muscle faster. Amino acids produce:

antibodies that come to the aid of the immune system in the fight, and various infections;

enzymes that support the biochemical reaction;

hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in cells of the body;

hormones - have an effect on metabolic processes.

 amino harm. If we take heed to the essential amino acids, it is the smallest harm they can cause - it's food poisoning, of course, if they are not properly be eaten. Can seriously degrade the performance of the cardiovascular system. Poor impact they have for those who want to pump up the body itself. They very quickly promote inflation of the body, and if you do not maintain a sufficient level of amino acids in the body, the muscles can get away as quickly as they came. In general, athletes need to carefully monitor this. As for ordinary people who want to feel good, then the use of amino acids is simply irreplaceable.

It can be concluded that the use of amino acids is very large, to the human body, just need to be more attentive and careful with their use.