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Carbohydrates - a class of organic compounds. The power they are the main source of energy. Typically, they provide more than half of the daily requirement of calories. Individual components of carbohydrates contained in human cells and tissues. If their use in very large numbers, they tend to move in the fats.

Carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex. By the complex include starch and cellulose. They are poorly soluble in water and absorbed by the body longer. By simply include: glucose, fructose, lactose and sucrose. Their body can absorb quickly enough.

How useful carbohydrates? Useful properties of carbohydrates provide your body a huge amount of energy. Almost sixty percent of energy comes from carbohydrates.

The use of carbohydrates that without them there is no normal metabolism. Particularly useful are simple, they are processed rapidly by the body and do not become fat, unlike the complex carbohydrates. They are a source of energy for the brain and central nervous system. 

Women carbohydrates can alleviate the condition in the days before menstruation. They also help in the formulation of the hormone of joy. Carbohydrates help the liver function properly. The use of carbohydrates in that they contribute to the continuous flow of sugar in the blood. The high fiber content reduces cholesterol in blood and protect our bodies from heart diseases, gastric and intestinal tumors.

Harm carbohydrates in their high calorie content. The more we eat complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, bakery products, sweets, the more fat is deposited in our body. So when they are used need to know when to stop. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates. It is best to replace the white bread in the gray or black, pasta, for example, can be replaced by buckwheat itp

Benefits and harms of carbohydrates delimited amount of their use. Without them, it can not function properly our bodies, but also their large portions could harm the body. For the good functioning of the body is necessary to reduce the amount of animal protein and increase the amount of carbohydrates. To do this, you can just replace the meat with beans, so it will do a lot of carbohydrates, and the food will not contain a lot of fat.

An alternative could be called carbohydrates proteins, they have almost all the same function. Glucose and fructose can be replaced with different fruits and berries, such as bananas, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, etc. The high concentration they are in the honey bee.