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Antioxidants - a substance contained in many foods. In recent years, the content of antioxidants in the product was considered a sign of quality and good for the body. Every day commercials convince us to buy products that contain these substances. Manufacturers necessarily emphasize their presence in the composition of their products. And among the people there was a steady stereotype: "with antioxidants - well without them - it is bad."

Meanwhile, not everyone knows how beneficial antioxidants, or at least what it is. However, people tend to find on store shelves precisely those products which have been so persistently advertised. Meanwhile, the substances that cause such strong demand, contained in many others, the usual for us, everyday dishes. Highly their content, such as fresh fruits and berries. Useful properties of antioxidants mankind, even without knowing it, using all the time of its existence. Antioxidants - a substance that prevents the oxidation processes of organic compounds. They also regulate the cell structure. In other words, the use of antioxidants in that they help our skin, for example, look younger. This kind of barrier that can protect the body from harmful external influences.

The use of antioxidants to the body lies not only in that they slow down the aging process, resulting from oxidation occurring within the cells. They also prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, reduce the risk of cancer. Also, they are able to prevent the occurrence of heart disease and blood vessels. Not many people know that antioxidants are substances such as, for example vitamins A, C and E. They are found in many foods familiar to us. Vegetable oil, fish, carrots, potatoes, for example - the ingredients for antioxidant-rich dishes. Saturate the body with these substances, even a slice of lemon added to the green tea.


Harm antioxidants also cause a lot of controversy and doubt. These substances seem to many unenlightened rare rarity, and therefore cause fear. Skeptics with irony and scorn the persistent advertising. That is why the benefits and harms of antioxidants cause a large number of debates. In fact, the material can indeed be harmful. For example, vitamin C can cause an overabundance of food poisoning. People sometimes prone individual intolerance of certain substances that may be antioxidants.