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The benefits and harms of Spinach

Spinach has no bright taste compared to other food products we consume daily. It can not be stored for long periods, unlike other greens, as it quickly loses its properties. This product has a lot of different useful properties, because according to many experts, we can safely say that spinach is considered a vegetable first among those that grow in our latitudes. The chemical composition of spinach Spinach benefits and product damage is determined by taking into account its chemical composition. This product contains a large amount of vitamin K, which has a positive effect on the strength. 

As part of the spinach has phytonutrients that target to reduce the risk of blindness. Spinach in the number of proteins contained in it exceeds almost all vegetables, except green peas and young pods of beans. Spinach contains almost all known vitamins and mineral salts. This product serves as an excellent source of iron, which is an integral component in hemoglobin, providing all the cells of oxygen. In most cases, the product should be consumed for women, children and adolescents. Also spinach perfectly absorbed by the body. This is all thanks to the substances contained in it, action is directed at improving the efficiency of the salivary gland and pancreas. The composition of spinach has not only iron, but also vitamins such as A and C. They belong to the group of antioxidants. Spinach also contains vitamin E, the effect of which is aimed at protection iktusa and clean arteries. Vitamin B12 enhances the body's immune system. One should not forget about the items such as chlorophyll a strong anti-cancer agent, potassy and calcium. All of them are also found in spinach. In the course of the research, it has been subject to that spinach and its properties help to protect the body from cancer and heart attack. To do this, the experts recommend to use this product in an amount of 2-3 servings per day. Spinach benefit and harm What is the use of the product Green spinach has a beneficial effect on all organs and body systems.