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The benefits and harms of rocket

Amazing long and spicy leaves, looks a bit like spinach - rocket. It prefers warm and sunny place, so most of its wild arugula can be found precisely in the southern parts of Europe. She came to us from the south of Italy and Greece, and virtually none of the Mediterranean diet meal is complete without it. Though it is very thermophilic, botanists were able to withdraw and cold-resistant varieties that have taken root almost near the Arctic Circle. This is an annual plant, different varieties are 20 to 100 cm in height. She's picky, and grows in the sun and in the shade. The only thing to which she is extremely demanding, it is to the soil soft. She needed it to be soft and loosened.

And better not waterlogged. And she is afraid of the wind. Arugula is interesting - it's such a modified cabbage variety. Grow arugula at any time, it grows even in pots on the windowsill. And to improve the quality of their dishes, to saturate ourselves with vitamins, even in the winter months. In addition, food will become much more beautiful and aesthetic pleasure of food makes it much more useful. It uses all of its parts - the leaves and young stems uncooked put in salads and other dishes, made from the seeds of oil, flowers are added to tea. Useful properties Since this green leaves - it contains large amounts of chlorophyll. And it is necessary for vessels, bones and teeth. The arugula has a number of vitamins that its beam weighing 100 grams will give you a daily rate of almost everything necessary. And the number of vitamin C even compete with lemon or black currant. It contains more than two dozen different minerals and trace elements, including those that are responsible for the regeneration. It has iodine, iron, This low-calorie product, only 25-30 kcal per 100 grams. It is very useful for digestive disorders, anemia, hypovitaminosis different. A wonderful tool for nursing mothers - it is good "drives milk." It is useful to use for diabetics - arugula reduces blood sugar. It is necessary for people with kidney disease and bladder, is necessary for the prevention of cancer. Its juice has healing properties - lubricate the fresh cut, and it will heal quickly. It regulates blood pressure. She is good in dealing with male sexual problems. Rub a leaf of arugula and lay beside the bed - the mosquitoes can not stand the smell, and you will fly around the tenth road. Oil from the seeds of arugula perfectly strengthens the hair roots - mix two teaspoons of butter with a teaspoon of flaxseed or sea buckthorn and rub into the scalp. Roll up and leave for a few hours. (It is possible to overnight). Then just how to wash. The procedure can be carried out once every two weeks. In short, arugula - absolutely essential in the diet of grass, we need everyone, everywhere! Damage Here is a remarkable plant arugula, benefit and harm of which is still controversial among those who loves her and can not stand. This is one of the few plants that virtually has no contraindications. Is that specific person intolerant of the plant itself. And babies under years old it is better to give with caution. They may not like it spicy taste. And, of course, if you eat too much of it at one time, can happen some trouble with digestion. That, however, will be fast. So it will not cause harm to the rocket, it can eat quietly. It is interesting to learn how to grow arugula, known since the heyday of the Roman Empire. Doctors used it in many of his recipes, and legionnaires took with them on camping trips. The very same rocket useful properties of their not yet fully revealed, and doctors nutritionists are many times surprising unprecedented its secrets. Prior to the beginning of the twentieth century is not cultivated arugula, using only wild varieties. Today, displayed more than 20 different varieties. It is considered a good aphrodisiac.