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The benefits and harms of Boletus

Boletus is a tubular mushroom family Baletowa. In fact, these mushrooms are saying name — that's what they are called due to the fact that their hat is slippery and oily. To distinguish these mushrooms from the rest can be very simple: the skin is the cap and ring can be very easy to remove. The color of the skin may be different. By itself, the cap is convex and sometimes flat.

The locus of these fungi — conifer forests. The mushrooms are common in many countries, and there are about 40 varieties, not all of which grow in our country.

Properties of oil

Most often we can find four types of oil: this is an ordinary, grainy, larch and about. Appearance of different grades of oil also varies among themselves. They may vary the color of the cap and the color of the legs. The flesh when cut in these classes is painted in different colors. The habitat of these varieties are also often different.

If you compare the price with other devices taste, then related this quality can be called white mushrooms. The mushrooms always grow in large groups, and the time of collection, usually between may to October.

Use oil

Edible mushrooms, in principle, is never useless. And bright representatives of what mushrooms are just mushrooms. They have not only pleasant taste, but have various useful and even healing properties. Long been known that consumption of oil facilitates such a serious disease as gout. It is also noticed that the headache goes away, if that's the time to eat at least a little butter.

The amount of nutrients and minerals in boletus is almost same as in many other edible mushrooms. The truth here is the white mushroom they could not be beat. Fresh boletus amount of protein roughly 4%, while dried boletus the number is increasing. That's why, when it is important to eat as much protein, broth butter is almost indispensable: in its content of this substance, he even surpasses the broth which is usually used for this purpose.

Because of several types of oil, the calorie content of these mushrooms may be different; also this factor affects the age of the mushroom. So fresh calorie content can be anywhere from 9 to 20 calories. Of course, when cooking, for example when roasting or marinating, the number of calories in several times increases.

The use of oil

These mushrooms and many others can be prepared by any of the known ways: they can boil, braise, marinate or fry. It is remarkable that the mushrooms can be an independent dish, not just a component. So, if you want to eat mushrooms, you can always choose the mushrooms.

Before you start cooking the mushrooms, it is very important to clean them. And this step does not depend on how the future will be to prepare these mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are washed, need to get rid of the skin, which has the same characteristic mucus, and white film, which is located right under the mushroom cap.

In order for the cleaning oil was fast and efficient, all the collected mushrooms should be put in place to reach the sun's rays for about half an hour (40 minutes). It needs to be dried (especially dried mucus oil) and then start cleaning. After this rather poor classes, cleaning will be faster and more comfortable.

Harm oil

All mushrooms can be harmful to the human body, and the mushrooms in this case — not an exception. Because of the tissue oil it keeps for a high amount of chitin, the level of digestibility of oil is reduced. But that's not all: in addition, it may affect the digestion of other foods, and the most negative way.

We must not forget the fact that the proteins of mushrooms are broken down by the body much harder and this in turn leads to the burden of the gastrointestinal tract.

For self-assembling of oil is very important to know the place of gathering, as these mushrooms can be stored in radioactive elements. In this regard, to collect mushrooms near area with high radiation in any case impossible.