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The benefits and harms of Marzipan

Marzipan — a mixture of two products: almonds, ground to flour, and sugar syrup (may be used instead, and powdered sugar). It is also possible to use other nuts for making marzipan.

Information about where and when the marzipan is not. It is assumed that it was first produced in one of the countries of Europe: Hungary, France and Estonia. For Norway, Germany and the Netherlands this product is traditional for Christmas.

Properties marzipan

Apply the marzipan to the confectionary. In Russia, quite popular rolls, in which there is a marzipan made of peanuts. In order to prepare this product, you must use three ingredients: sweet and bitter almonds (which, however, easily replaced by any other nuts) and sugar (or substitute — powdered sugar, sweetener or syrup). This recipe is not strict, instead of bitter almonds may be added or almond liqueur or oil this kind of almonds. Or bitter almonds can be added in principle.

Is the mass that is prevalent today and which is widely used in the manufacture of pastries and cakes, different from the original taste of marzipan. Sometimes, you can see third-party ingredients, added to the marzipan. A different flavors to give the corresponding odor, eggs, dyes, both artificial and natural.

In addition, this delicacy can be cooked different ways. Most commonly used cold method on the egg (all ingredients are blended and mixed, and the sugar is replaced with powdered), cold method, but without the eggs and hot method, where instead of sugar (or powder) is used syrup.

All in all, today there are at least 500 species of marzipan. For example, in the German city of lübeck for the manufacture of this delicacy is an ancient recipe that is stored in the strict secret.

The use of marzipan

Because marzipan is based on almonds, it is a sufficient content of vitamin E, in fact, as in the walnut. This vitamin in nature is a very powerful antioxidant and helps to fight stress and nervous tension. In addition, this vitamin could protect cells from negative environmental influences and does not allow them to change due to various diseases.

In General, the use of this delicacy can be different — it all depends on what kind of nuts are used in the preparation of marzipan. That is why in the process of producing marzipan, you can choose the most useful nuts to get a particular property.

The use of marzipan

Use this delicacy for culinary purposes. It can be found in candy; filling or decoration for cakes and other confectionery products; in pure form (there are marzipan biscuits and bread); marzipan liqueur.

Harm marzipan

Since this product is made with almond, and the calorie content would be appropriate. 100 grams marzipan contains almost 480 calories. Therefore, the use of the Goodies in large quantities can have a negative impact on the figure, especially for those who are trying to maintain your weight. This is explained by the fact that it contains a lot of fat, and carbohydrates.

Allergy sufferers should be cautious, choosing products with marzipan, and it is better to completely abandon it. It is believed that the persistent food Allergy — it is nutty, and peanuts — the most common allergen. In this case, if there is an Allergy, for example, to peanuts, but not allergic to almonds, then you need to choose the marzipan, which is based on almonds.