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The benefits and harms of Mac

The first mention of the poppy occur in the history of the Mediterranean. It is believed that this is where the Mac first came to Greece, and it spread to Asia and Ebrary. Ancient peoples cultivated this plant, assigning it the miraculous characteristics.

Analgesic and narcotic properties of the poppy were discovered a long time ago, people wanted to bypass the poppy fields side. This action, poppy is portrayed in the cartoon "the Wizard of Oz". One time Mac was considered a strong drug it is prohibited to grow, so poppy is quite common in the wild.

The plant does not need rich moisture, so it grows in the arid regions of subtropical and moderate climate zone. It can be found on the slopes of the mountains, desert and steppe regions.

The properties of the poppy

Poppy – the plant, the period of life which ranges from one to several years. There are a hundred species of poppies, only in the CIS countries there are more than 75 species. Its stems are straight, when damaged they exude a juice, called milk. The leaves of the plant can be glabrous or covered with hairs, pinnately dissected. Poppy flowers solitary, large, nice red color with a black core. However, there is a poppy yellow, pink and even white flowers.

The fruit of the poppy – a small box of a cylindrical form, which appears in place of the flower. Through box sleep black small seeds. For human consumption it is important that the plant is ripe. In the immature flowers and stems contains opium.

The plant is rich with nutrients. In the stems, leaves contain important organic substances:

alkaloids, acids, vitamins, oil, glycosides and many others. The seeds contain a lot of proteins and sugars. In the milky soda a large number of alkaloids of the group of opium: codeine, morphine, papaverine, nartsein. The latter are the cause of great pain-relieving properties of the poppy. The seeds are rich in sulfur, copper, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium. Is found in them cobalt and calcium as well as vitamin PP and E.

Use Mac

Maca contains calcium in the form of salts that are easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, the trace remains in the body around the incoming volume.

A decoction of Maca may relieve severe, spasmodic coughing, reduce pain.

A decoction of the plant root reduces inflammation of the sciatic nerve is a pain reliever that effectively calms headaches and helps with migraines.

Application Mac

Poppy seeds are used in cooking. Mac added to baked goods, kutu, they decorate biscuits and cakes.

The poppy leaves are a soothing remedy for bronchitis and a tonic for fever. They help in diseases of the bladder and are a pain reliever.

Poppy seed oil is used in the manufacture of paints and soap. This oil can also be used in the manufacture of margarine and various pharmaceutical drugs, whose action is directed on the Central nervous system.

Used in folk medicine for the preparation of decoctions, ointments, tinctures, solutions, sedatives and painkillers.

Poppy, rubbing poppy-seed, get milk of the poppy. Last used in cosmetics to improve the skin, to remove the bruising, swelling and under eye circles. Poppy milk effectively reduces swelling from the eyelids, so it is used for girls to remove the effects of tears and tantrums.

Milk of the poppy is used for food and is a good source of protein. It gives energy and vitality, often eat vegetarian, to increase intake of protein in the body.

Mac is used when dealing with worms and other intestinal parasites. Its astringent action effectively apply the Mac in the treatment of diarrhea.

Tincture of poppy can be used as a hypnotic drug, and also as an effective sedative.

Poppy flowers are very beautiful, so they are often depicted in the paintings, embroider. Artificially made poppies used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Harm Mac

The poppy plant contains a narcotic substance, therefore, can adversely affect the human nervous system. Treatment with drugs containing poppy seeds should be under a doctor's care.

Prohibited use of drugs in diseases of the respiratory and digestive system.

Poppy seeds have astringent properties, so are not recommended foods for constipation and gallstones.

Tincture of poppy as a sleep aid can become addictive.

Some varieties of poppy can receive drug. In many countries, the cultivation of varieties of poppy punishable by the penal code.