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The benefits and harms of Lakonos

Lakonos — plant family lacanobia. Gardeners it is better known as "Phytolacca". There are about 20 species, which grow mainly in America, in the regions with tropical and subtropical climates. In Russia, you can find two kinds of this plant: American and berry lakonos.

Plant gives the fruit is a small juicy berries. Earlier these berries are used for coloring wines, but later this practice has outlived its usefulness.

Properties lacunosa

It is a poisonous plant, but because of the poison in lacunose not too much, it is used in folk medicine as a remedy. The most important thing — keep the proportions. Also highly recommended prior permission for use from the doctor.

This plant blooms in the summer months and early autumn bears fruit — bunches of berries, which at first are dark red, eventually turning into black. The roots are harvested in the fall.

In some areas young shoots of the plant are eaten even.

The use of lacunosa

Despite its toxicity, in a number of this plant can be very useful for a person. Because it has many healing properties, lakonos used in folk medicine against headache, hypertension and sciatica. He also successfully fights with other various ailments (kidney disease) and beneficial effect on the blood vessels and heart.

The plant has several useful actions: anti-inflammatory, laxative, expectorant, diuretic and antihelminthic. Thanks to them, the plant is used to prepare homeopathic medicines. It is best for this purpose is the American lakonos.

The leaves also have beneficial properties, so also used internally and externally. Lakonos quite effective in skin/subcutaneous seals, boils, hemorrhoids lumps or lesions of the epidermis. From the leaves you can prepare a tincture, which rubbed his back with sciatica and the joints in arthritis.

The use of lacunosa

In everyday life, are all parts of this plant. They can be spent on the establishment of various drugs, for example, ointments, decoctions, syrups or tinctures.

From all parts of the most useful root and juice. If there is a question about what part is poisonous, it is, without a doubt, berries.

As a rule, the stem is first harvested fruits and leaves, and then is processed by the root. It is important to know that the only good root which is white with yellow. But red is to stay away, because of its high level of toxic substances.

It is necessary to observe rules of storage: the fruits in a ventilated area, the roots — on the contrary, in a dry place. Ready parts for medicines to best pack in a cloth and store indoors protected from moisture.

To recover from a sore throat, otitis media and laryngitis will help tincture. You need to take 10 grams of root and pour 100 ml of alcohol. Mixture to stand for a fortnight. At the end of the infusion ready to drink. The recommended dose of 15 drops daily for three to four times per day. It also means a positive effect on the immune system.

To cure the joints, you need to pour warm water on the leaves of plants, cover and leave to infuse for a fortnight in a dark place. The resulting liquid is to grind the joints and back in a month, also it is possible to make compresses.

In diseases of the throat, sciatica and rheumatism helps the juice of the plant. 2-3 berries in the morning and evening is recommended to eat during disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.

The dangers of lacunosa

Failure to follow the dosage lakonos can cause great harm to the human body. In case of overdose may experience headache, cramps, diarrhea, paralysis, vomiting, dizziness until the heart stops and breathing. The above recipes it is recommended to use the advice of a doctor. Self-treatment is dangerous for your health!