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The benefits and harms of Lactarius

Mushrooms are healthy and nutritious. They comprise a great many species that are found worldwide. One of the edible fungi is Lactarius. This mushroom has been popular in Kievan Rus, its use knew no bounds. They treat a variety of diseases, served to the table, and they decorated the house – dried on the clothesline. The name mushroom is derived from that grows in groups – clusters. However, the opinion of scientists in this plan differ. Some believe that mushrooms are so named because of the bulkiness, uvesistost, because by weight, they are superior to their counterparts.

The most popular mushroom in Europe and in Russia. For a long time the penny was the only fungus that has a preference. In the West, mushrooms are considered inedible, and therefore not eaten. However, harmful and toxic substances in their composition was found.

Properties of penny

Lactarius has a funnel hat, yellowish, thick stalk. This mushroom grows mainly in deciduous forests, usually in groups. They begin to appear in August after heavy rains and grow until the end of September. Mushrooms are most often found under birch trees. The width of the cap grows up to 20 cm in diameter, the length of the legs reaches about 6 cm in length, with the Mature mushroom it is hollow inside.

Lactarius has several species that differ slightly in taste and appearance. The most refined taste has a real penny. The mushroom also has a specific smell, which can be heard even at a distance.

Mushrooms contain large amounts of protein, vitamin C, thiamine and Riboflavin. A feature of this mushroom is that it contains vitamin D, which is a rarity. This vitamin is usually develops under the sunlight in the body, and foods that contain very little.

The benefits of penny

The penny does not increase the blood sugar, so they are allowed to eat for diabetics.

Mushrooms contribute to a more rapid healing of wounds and purulent inflammation.

Ascorbic acid, which is contained in mushrooms, it strengthens the immune system, helps to fight infections.

Large amounts of vitamin B within the mushroom has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps with depression and nervous breakdowns, improves mood.

Salted mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and protivoskleroticheskim properties. To the mushrooms have started to operate, they should eat 250 grams in 2-3 days. They begin to act on the first day of admission.

Application of the penny

Mushrooms are used in cooking, it is salted and marinated. To withdraw from the fungus possible toxins, it takes a long time to leave the water which is desired to be changed frequently. After soaking the mushroom becomes soft and easy to prepare.

From penny cook pharmaceutical drugs that help to fight against tuberculosis, because the mushrooms contain natural antibiotics.

The mushrooms used in the treatment of diseases related to nervous and mental disorders.

Fungi can be applied as a mask to improve the condition and appearance of the skin.

Salted mushrooms are used to combat warts. Salt for this mushroom is applied for some time to the problem area. Gradually the warts start to blacken after which fall off and never grow.

These mushrooms are widely used in folk medicine in the fight against gallbladder problems, eczema lungs, urolithiasis.

The dangers of penny

The penny should not be used for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, they are hard to digest, so they should not eat in large quantities. It is not recommended to eat mushrooms to children.

During long storage, the fungus deteriorates and becomes unfit for consumption.

The penny should be long and good to handle, with poor preparation they can cause poisoning.

In appearance, the mushroom can be confused with mlecnik. The latter may cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.