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The benefits and harms of Oyster mushrooms

Edible oyster mushrooms are very popular. They are nutritious, healthy, easy and quick to prepare. Vegetarians think mushrooms are a replacement for meat because of the high content of protein. Oyster mushrooms fit that description better than other mushrooms, as it's composition is very much closer to dietary meat.

Oyster mushrooms grow well in the wild and at home. Therefore, they can often be found on the shelves of supermarkets and markets. Growing oyster mushrooms on the bark of trees, stumps, weakened trees, they are not demanding in terms of conditions and care. In the wild, the more common fungi on deciduous trees, but you can find them on conifers. Because of the convenience and benefits in the cultivation, production of oyster mushrooms – profitable business.

The time of ripening fungi occur in September-October, but in greenhouses oyster mushrooms ripen year-round.

Properties of oyster mushrooms

Second name oyster mushroom appeared due to the characteristic shapes of the head, in form resembling the shell of oysters.

The appearance is grey white with a purple tinge to the fungus, reaching a diameter of 5-20 cm Grow oyster mushrooms groups, fused at the base. Young mushroom can be brownish in color, but over time the color fades. Hat, initially rounded, at the ripening of the fungus becomes flat. Oyster mushroom legs are very short, often almost invisible plate on the hat is rare and thin.

Quick cooking – a nice feature mushrooms. Enough 10-15 minutes, until the dish was ready to eat. During cooking of the mushroom it is very important not to overdo it on the heat, because it will spoil the taste. To avoid this, during the preparation of the fungus you can try.

Despite the nutritional value and usefulness, calorie mushroom is extremely low – only 38 calories. For this reason, oyster mushrooms can often be found in the menu of different diet meal plans.

The use of oyster mushrooms

Chemical composition of oyster mushrooms is quite varied, it includes many essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins C, b, E, minerals potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, iron and some other necessary for the normal functioning of the body elements.

Oyster mushrooms are pretty good improves male potency, reduces cholesterol in the blood because of the fatty acids. This mushroom also prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

People who regularly consume oyster mushroom normalizes blood pressure, improves the function of the circulatory system. This happens due to the trace mineral potassium, which has beneficial effects on the heart and skin.

Of oyster mushroom the body receives the enzymes that can break down fats and carbohydrates, including glycogen. This contributes to the reduction of body fat, removal of polysaccharides from the body.

Oyster mushrooms have antibacterial properties, due to high content of vitamin C. Consumption will reduce the risk of catching an infectious disease.

Helps the fungus to deduce radioactive elements from the body, and is therefore extremely useful to the people working in the chemical industry or with dangerous radiation. Doctors prescribe oyster mushrooms for those who suffer from radiation sickness.

The use of oyster mushrooms

The most widely used in cooking. There are a huge number of recipes involving oyster mushrooms: it is the mushrooms of different kinds, sauces, soups, various cereals, marinades, salads and even a filling for pies, dumplings. Oyster mushrooms can be used for cooking spices: they need to dry and grind.

Due to the rich chemical composition and low calorie oyster mushrooms are used in nutrition. On their basis developed effective diet.

When grown on an industrial scale, after the harvest, the remaining waste is used for feeding cows, goats and other equids, as well as fertilizer. This makes the production profitable and non-waste.

Harm oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushroom contains in its structure of chitin. It is poorly assimilated by the body, but is destroyed by heat treatment. So before eating, the mushrooms should cook or fry.

The spores of oyster mushrooms can cause allergies.

The cap and stem of mushrooms are quite fragile during transport they break and crumble. It is hard to transport and melt at a far distance. So oyster mushrooms – a local product.