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The benefits and harms of The valuy

The valuy is a fungus, which belongs to the genus Russula. Sometimes called mushroom goby, swenor, pig-face and a lot of other names found in the lexicon of avid mushroom pickers. Oddly enough, but in many countries this type of mushroom is considered poisonous. And in any case not eat. In our country, the mushroom is considered poisonous edible, and, in spite of this, quietly used as an ingredient for cooking.

Valuy – small size, pileus will dostigaet about six to eight inches. The color of the mushroom is yellow to yellow-brown color. At the beginning the pileus, has a spherical shape, but eventually she opens up and becomes more flat. And in the center of the cap, a recess is formed. The skin of this mushroom is very smooth, slimy, shiny, and very well removed. The flesh of the fungus is white, but the cut is noticeably darkens. The smell of mushroom is not very pleasant, taste bitter. But it is not necessary to check it, as it can be very dangerous.

Properties valuy

The fungus is not of great value to humans. He is more a danger than many other mushrooms. This type of mushroom is better to leave in the woods.

Use valuy

This is one of the few products, about which virtually nothing to say. Since the mushroom is considered poisonous to eat. From this fungus, you can get more harm than good. Of course it is used in food, but it does not contain any useful and valuable substances. In addition, the fungus, before use undergoes a thorough heat treatment. It is boiled, soaked and then salted. So it's safe to say that everything that could be useful, disappeared after cooking. But do not worry, there are fungi from which man can benefit.

The application of the valuy

The valuy growing in our country in the Far East, Western Siberia. In these places the pickers, collecting this type of mushrooms, they make them for winter harvesting. Basically, the mushrooms are first soaked, boiled, and then salted. There are times when this type of mushroom is marinated. But before this procedure, you must remove the skin and thoroughly soak it in water.

Some people believe that the infusion of this mushroom can be used as polishing. That is, this tool will wipe that area of the body that causes pain, or has any pathology. But it is necessary to warn readers, do not apply this type of treatment, without proper authorization of your doctor.

The dangers of valuy

As mentioned above, the fungus is considered in many countries toxic. And its use in food. And this is not a fictional fact. In 1944, the German mycologist, was in the hospital after eating mushroom. It is unknown exactly how much he ate mushrooms, but the result was disastrous. Soon after eating, he felt an attack of weakness, dizziness. Soon came the vomiting. In the hospital are unable to help the patient, as he had kidney failure. Unfortunately, this story is not the last, every year in different parts of our country from mushroom poisoning kills tens of people. Unfortunately, no one can with accuracy and confidence to say that the mushroom will not be for you poisonous. Therefore, before use, you should consider whether there is a need to use this mushroom. In fact, besides this species of mushrooms in the woods enough. Among them, there are not only tasty but also healthy mushrooms.

Cases of poisoning from valuy, appear every year.