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The benefits and harms of Oregano

Use oregano

It is a perennial plant (Origanum vulgare L). blossoms are small, pale pink or white flowers in June-September and the fruits are brown, round nuts appear in August-October. It can be found on dry open country, forest clearings and forest edges and along roadsides throughout the former Soviet Union, not to find her except that only in the far North. The original plant is easily confused with an ordinary incense, in which the stems are not branched, and the flowers are a pronounced purple color.

Photos dushitsya collect this herb should be carefully cut off the tops of up to 30 cm, if you pull out the whole plant completely, will break the root system and destroy the thickets. It is best to collect it in dry weather. It is recommended to dry in a well ventilated area in fascicles (bundles) or spread out in a thin layer as long as the stems will not break when bent. To separate the flowers and stems of leaves, grass, rubbed through a metal grate, and then threshed in bags with sticks. In dried form it has a bitter taste and warm spicy balsamic aroma. Store harvested dry grass is better in General (and then to crush if necessary) and in a tightly closed container, so she won't lose its spicy aroma and taste.



The dangers of oregano (oregano)

However, despite the benefits, there are dangers of oregano (oregano) for the human body. First of all, oregano is not recommended to eat for pregnant women, because the plant may cause miscarriage or first birth temporary. The dangers of oregano (oregano) can manifest in the form of severe allergic reactions in people who are suffering individual intolerance to some of the herbs and spices.

In cooking, use fresh leaves and dried oregano (oregano). The most loyal fans of oregano as spices are considered as residents of Greece and Italy. In these countries a rare dish without the participation of oregano (oregano). Interestingly, the taste and smell of oregano is very different depending on the plant species. In our latitudes, oregano (oregano) is often used for preservation of vegetables. It is believed that the best seasoning oregano accentuate the taste and aroma of food, if you add oregano at the final stage of cooking.