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The benefits and harms of Mint

Mint has always been considered a medicinal remedy for a large number of diseases. It was used to treat diseases of the stomach, excessive nervousness, with respiratory complications.

In ancient times, this plant was revered by the people as the tool is able to extend the life of a man, and called the "herb of longevity". The benefits and harms of mint today is quite well known thanks to the research scientists. It is widely used in modern herbal medicine, aromatherapy and pharmacology.

All kinds of plants have a strong aroma, due to the large content of essential oils. Such as mint has been successfully used in modern cosmetology, to be added to aromatic baths and in the conduct of Spa treatments. When using plants in cosmetics use is mint no doubt.

In Russia no good bath is not complete without the healing mint procedures. The steam from brewed peppermint can kill bacteria that reside on human skin and in the respiratory tract, which is very well known and understood in ancient times.

Of course, great use of mint in her soothing and relaxing effect, it helps in the treatment of depression and alleviates insomnia. Mint damage occurs when you abuse men. Many men confuse this property of a plant as the ability to reduce sexual desire. When using it, this effect can be very long, but only if you consume brewed beverage with mint regularly.



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The harm of mint affect men's libido. And if you are going on a date with a sweetheart, it is better to abandon a Cup of tea with the addition of this plant. And from the use of mint once exactly no harm should be expected.

But for women, according to scientists mint teas are completely harmless. Studies have shown that the benefits of peppermint for women that they can get rid of the growth of hair in those places where the ladies them to not grow properly.

Perhaps no man who is not familiar with this spice, like mint. In dried form it is added to fruit smoothies, pastries, used in the preparation of meat dishes and side dishes.

The main benefit of peppermint is its antiseptic qualities, analgesic and antispasmodic properties. Beneficial effect has it on the gastro-intestinal tract, and this property improves appetite and reduces stomach acidity.

In the form of brewed decoction, peppermint can miraculously help you get rid of flatulence and nausea, it removes anxiety and you will become optimistic.

Harm mint can only be in the case of her allergic reaction, which rarely, but happens with some people.