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The benefits and harms of Marjoram

The use of dried marjoram

Folk medicine says the use of dried marjoram as a wonderful drugs for diseases of the digestive organs, and pulmonary diseases and rhinitis. Furthermore, this remarkable plant has a calming effect and is used as a great diuretic.

If you for some reason, shows a salt-free diet, dried leaves of this plant and here will come to your aid. It's hard to believe sweetish spices can replace salt, but it is.



Use marjoram dried due to the presence of essential vitamins and micro and macroelements. Iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, phosphorus... and this is not a complete list of the most important for the human body nutrients.

The harm of dried marjoram

The harm of dried marjoram unlike other spices are not scientifically proven, but still, when eating, you should maintain a reasonable dosage.