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The benefits and harms of Chicory

chicory – beneficial properties.

The use of soluble chicory is quite large, as is the use of many other plants used by man to improve his health. Chicory helps to increase blood flow, capable of capturing bouts of tachycardia, a beneficial effect on the nervous system and circulatory system, calms. It is also useful for all digestive organs. The benefits of chicory has long been recognized people, there are many popular recipes that include chicory, it is appropriate in the treatment of diseases of the liver, kidneys and spleen. Chicory root (soluble chicory) is a unique product that can replace coffee in the morning, giving the human body the exceptional vivacity for the whole day. Not to mention that he is a great General tonic.

The juice of chicory, mixed with the juice of celery, carrots and parsley, effectively acts on the muscular system of the eye, nourishes it. The useful part of the above cocktail, no doubt can greatly improve the quality of vision.

No less use of chicory added to various medicines. Drugs based on it have choleretic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Chicory stimulates the appetite, and in the period of viral infectious diseases helps to combat high fever.

Infusions from this plant have and external use! Chicory accelerates the healing process of chronic wounds, eczema and other skin diseases like: atopic dermatitis, boils, psoriasis etc the Action of bitters brings a drying character that helps as soon as possible to remove inflammation. The chicory used in the cosmetics industry. Shampoos and conditioners on the basis of chicory promote hair growth and improve its structure.



contraindications and harm. How dangerous is chicory?

Speaking about the harm of chicory, list contraindications to its use. Chicory damage can cause is not for everyone. From its use you should give people suffering from varicose veins. Of vascular disease, asthma, bronchitis or chronic cough – a disease in which the chicory is dangerous for health.

The benefits and harms of chicory, at times, border on each other. Chicory, the harm which may be associated with a very useful component in its composition, should be consumed with caution. Ascorbic acid, which is part of it, often causes unexpected and unpleasant consequences in people whose body is predisposed to allergic reactions. Even if you add in dishes chicory with minimal doses, the risk of allergies, expressed in the overdose of vitamin C, is inevitable. It is known that gipervitaminozu threat as well as deficit of vitamins. Before use in the diet of chicory and food products on its basis, it is advisable to consult a doctor. It is a useful plant that deserves special attention.

It is important to remember to apply it unchecked and unlimited you can not only use in minimal doses ensures benefits to your body.