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The benefits and harms of semolina

What is meant by the phrase harm and benefit of semolina? To find out the answer to this question, first, let's try to understand what a decoy?Semolina or otherwise, for short - semolina, obtained by grinding wheat into flour. It consists of small particles taken from the endosperm of the wheat grain.

Semolina cooked or from:

- Durum wheat;

- Soft wheat;

- Soft wheat with twenty percent of durum.

And now about the benefits and dangers. It is difficult to find any product, which in large quantities would be helpful, especially small children. Therefore harm semolina is not a hereditary disease. Munk could have only harm a specific person who has a predisposition to diseases associated with exposure to the organism semolina. And what could happen if only one eating semolina. So what harm semolina?


Semolina takes a whole calcium stored in reserve, in the human body. The rump contains phytin, here it is, in phytin phosphorus, which acts as a calcium invader, that is, it binds calcium, thereby preventing it from entering the bloodstream. Receipt of calcium in the blood should not be reduced, and if salt no longer ingested, something special, parathyroid glands, take it from the bones, and then delivering it into the blood. In young children the calcium in the bones is not a lot, especially because they grow very rapidly, so the calcium they need. And if mom will regularly feed your pet semolina, then the baby will be a shortage of calcium in the body. All this is bad for the work of all the bodies, that is worsening blood clotting, are no longer in full force to work the muscles and the heart, can appear seizures and signs of rickets.

The second drawback - many children, including adults, can not tolerate a substance called gluten. That in semolina, this substance very much. In another way, it is called - gluten, she gives the test - elasticity, and bread - splendor. Against the background of gluten intolerance of these people have celiac disease - a pretty, serious illness, that is thinner in the gut mucosa and malabsorption occurs all necessary micronutrients, including fat. In addition to celiac disease, gluten can cause allergies.

And what is the use of semolina?

The most important thing - is that this is quick to prepare porridge, so that all available nutrients in it are preserved intact.Quite a high nutritional and caloric value. And the good digestibility of the gastrointestinal tract.Use semolina is especially great during the postoperative recovery period, as in the structure in her little fiber.

Well, and, finally, if many pediatricians say that semolina porridge is bad for our kids, then why have any baby food producer, is present in the range of wheat porridge and eat it can be from six months? So, who is healthy and growing, as it should be, what delicious semolina porridge, do not inflict any harm.