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The benefits and harms of rice

Benefits and harms of rice - one of the most popular topics for discussion by many nutritionists. Representatives of "wing" dietetics believe that this ancient culture - a real gift to all those who seek to preserve the shape and health. Supporters believe the opposite view, that the harm of rice is much more significant than the benefits from its consumption.

Undoubtedly, the use of rice lies in its unique nutritional properties. After all, this herb - the undisputed leader in the number of carbohydrates and minerals supplied by the human body during a meal. Besides rice benefits that this product - a perfect natural absorbent. He's like a sponge absorbs all the harmful substances entering the body with other types of food. Due to its absorbent properties of rice is recommended during the diet, aimed at removing from the body of salts and toxins. That is why many nutritionists put rice into the bottom of the food pyramid person. Nutrients, minerals and carbohydrates contained in rice, it is able to meet human needs.


At the same time, rice is very malokalorien. Even those who consume large quantities of rice and rice only, are not at risk to begin to suffer from the emergence of excess weight. Not without reason, the representatives of the Asian countries, which are the basis of the national cuisine is rice, have excellent longevity and slim figure.However, many nutritionists believe that all these positive properties belong to the so-called brown brown rice. They believe that the damage of rice was associated with modern ways of processing this cereal. It is rice husk, is stored on a brown rice contains 80% of all minerals and complex carbohydrates that are useful to man. The harm of rice in the version which is presented in our stores, in its purity from the outer shell. In their view, the damage of rice lies in its delicate white beans, bearing the body of nutrients instead of just extra carbohydrates promote weight gain. In addition, the rice goes well with any kind of meat and fish, is easy to prepare and suitable for all types of sauces. This also applies to rice is one of those foods that nutritionists are entered in the "black list" of losing weight. Especially those who prefer not to think about the choice of a preferred embodiment for the preparation of purchased cereals porridge.

Both points of view has its supporters and its opponents, so what the benefits and harms of rice is better to choose their own.