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The benefits and harms of oatmeal

Who does not know the recommendations of nutritionists and the adherents of a healthy diet: the morning be sure to eat porridge. But, like any other product, oatmeal has some contraindications. Medical research in recent decades confirm that the benefits and harms of oatmeal - a proven fact. Let's try to understand this.First of all, oats contains a lot of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates - an excellent source of energy for humans.

The benefits of oatmeal is that complex carbohydrates provide the body with energy and vigor of man until the evening.Oatmeal contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, normalizing metabolism. Therefore, the use of oatmeal is undeniable for people who are overweight or who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Protein and fiber help to increase muscle tissue exactly, and not fat.


Vitamin B normalizes the process of digestion, has a positive effect on the skin. People who suffer from dermatitis or allergies, doctors recommend oatmeal as one of the main dishes. Useful oatmeal with diarrhea or bloating.

Phosphorus and calcium strengthens the skeletal system, the roots of hair and nail plate. And here the benefits of oatmeal is obvious for people suffering from pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.For people suffering from vascular dystonia, blood disorders, heart or other vascular benefits of oatmeal is also large. Due to high content of iron and minerals Oatmeal - a great product for the prevention of these diseases.Iodine - for mental retardation, vitamins A and E - for beauty, potassium and magnesium relieve muscle fatigue, and also recommended in the reduction of muscles.And most importantly - a great antioxidant Oatmeal necessary for our beauty and youth.With such huge benefits to the human body, what is the harm of oatmeal?Harm porridge obvious to people suffering from celiac disease (intolerance to grains).

The use of cereals in unlimited quantities and will cause harm to the oatmeal that exceed the positive effects on the human body. Porridge contained in phytic acid accumulating in its body in a large amount leads to leaching of calcium from bone.Fast Food harm oatmeal compared to oat flakes is that after special processing vitamins it becomes much less. In addition, oatmeal loses thus its ability to regulate metabolism and provide the human body with energy in the right quantity.Benefits and harms of oatmeal fully investigated by physicians. This is one of the few products virtually no contraindications. Eat porridge and be healthy!