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The benefits and harms of Masala

Masala — a mixture of spices of various kinds. So, there are mixes for furnace pandir, spicy food, etc. regardless of the type of mixture, almost all of them present peppers and various other spicy seasonings. Malas can be not only in the form of dry spices, but also as pasta. In this case, it is likely that the ingredients are cardamom and ginger. The name "masala" was invented by the Indians, as well as spices.

Properties of masala

These spices not only give the dish a pungency and spiciness, but also a positive effect on the human body. Indians just love this spice, despite the fact that each region prefers their own kind of this spice.

Generally, masala is a popular and useful spice as it can increase the nutritional value of any dish to which is added. Its benefits in many ways and brought the popularity, and from India, this spice has spread and caught the fancy of many other countries. In Russia, for example, is popular several varieties, among them tandoori, punch, garam, chat. The Russian people loved the combination of different spices to make tea.

Use masala

The most popular variety of this spice is garam masala. Its composed of 15 substances, among which are such useful spices such as cloves, coriander, cumin, Laurel and etc. and they All cause a huge benefit masala. The same clove has a carminative and bactericidal action, can soothe toothaches and mouth infections. She also acts a sedative effect on the body, helps to restore vitality, which is especially important if you recently had a nervous or physical exhaustion. Clove may improve memory. Cumin has medicinal properties: it contains essential oil, there is calcium ,resinous substances, protein. If you eat cumin every day, you can cleanse the body of toxins. Cumin, which is also in garam-masala can clear the airway, a positive effect on the nervous system from which the person feels better.

The second most popular spice coat the masala. It contains mango, ginger, cumin, asafetida and other nutrients. In addition, this version includes ready-garam-masala! Accordingly, each element of this masala is very useful for human body. For example, asafoetida is an effective fighter with radiculitis, osteochondrosis, arthritis. It also has a positive effect on the sex glands, which is particularly useful if there is a failure in their work. In addition, she and soothing and laxative, and antispasmodic. Asafoetida helps relieve pain in the ears, parasites (skin and intestinal). Such a component as fennel contains different vitamins and nutrients, from which it can be considered an antioxidant and a component that celebrates good with cleaning blood and removing toxins. It is very useful if a person has a weak stomach, have kidney stones or pancreatitis. That is why fennel is used in the treatment of neuroses, insomnia, depression and even cancer and radiation exposure.

In such spices as the tandoori is a lot of spices that give the food a beneficial properties. This spice is based again wife garam masala, to which are added other beneficial ingredients like cumin, garlic, ginger. These and other components, without exception, to have medicinal properties. It is known that sunglasses can not only preserve the useful properties even when exposed to temperature, but to strengthen them!

The simplest among this variety of spices is considered to be Panch-masala, in which only the five components that makes this spice is less useful. Shambhala, which is part of this spice, and has vitamins b and D, and iron, and protein. Thanks to her, from the body remove toxins, mucus, excess fat, strengthen the body and enhance brain activity.

Tea, which is made from a mixture of spices, not only tasty, but also useful. Single recipe of this tea does not exist, but there are certain rules of making tea masala. Tea masala is very useful, and it is known that the spices used for cooking, used long before there was pharmacology as such. The combination of these ingredients forms a vitamin-mineral composition, which has beneficial effects on physical and emotional levels. Adding this tea lemon balm or mint can calm the nervous system. Overall, this tea is used for drowsiness, reduced appetite, disturbances in metabolism, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as a number of infections and colds.

Application of masala

Masala is used in the same way as all other spices. She sprinkled on snacks, added to stews, sauces, soups and salads. Suitable masala and sweet pastries — it can be added to cookies, muffins and pies. Also masala can be added to the batter, which are fried fruits or vegetables. Add masala and tea.

Harm masala

Before use, it is recommended to study the composition of spices, to exclude the possibility of an Allergy to one or more components.