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The benefits and harms of Bulgur

Bulgur is a familiar word, possibly not every person living in our country. Although according to some of the bulgur used in cooking for more than four thousand years. This product is very popular in Eastern countries like Armenia, India and in Mediterranean countries. But let's not beat around the Bush, and open secret to those who don't know what is bulgur.

Bulgur is essentially is wheat. Or rather, cereals, resulting from the processing of wheat. Grain pripryat, purified, and crushed into small pieces. After that the beans have time to dry, and then continues the processing stage. Namely, peeling and crushing. But the most important thing in this process is the time or stage of steaming. Because the cereal gets its unique taste. And when cereal is ready, it is possible to cook a variety of dishes that are not only tasty, but also useful.

Properties of bulgur

At its core, this type of cereal is shredded wheat. It's safe to say that it retains almost all the useful elements and vitamins. Namely:

vitamins B1, group B2, B3,B4,B5, B6 and B9. Also there is the group of vitamins K, a and E. among the elements is the following: phosphorus, zinc, manganese, potassium, iron, calcium and others. In addition, the product contains necessary for all of us fiber, saturated fatty acids, and sugars. In dry product contains 341 calories.

Use bulgur

If you are a supporter of healthy food and healthy eating, bulgur is exactly what you need. In this rump contains a lot of useful and necessary vitamins and micro and macro elements. Regular intake of grains, improves well-being, smoother skin and nervous system comes in order. The high content of mineral substances beneficial for hair and nails. The hair becomes strong, do not fall, get Shine and become more dense. Many nutritionists are against this cereal, because it contains more calories than others. But do not be afraid, because with the right preparation, the mess will only benefit. Because it is rich in fiber, which in turn will help flush all the toxins and unnecessary substances from the body. In addition, fiber gives satiety, resulting in a feeling of hunger will come later than usual.

The use of bulgur

In our country a mess, unfortunately, only begins appearing on store shelves. And those who have already managed to try the cereal may not be able to appreciate fully. Because bulgur, like any other product, you need to be able to cook. This mess can make the roast, then boil and serve. Of course, it is better to spice it up good with oil. You can add bulgur when making soups and main dishes. This product can substitute any side dish. It can be used with meat, fish, shrimp, and various vegetables.

Often it is used in the preparation of various desserts. Yes you heard it desserts. And believe me, they are surprisingly very, very tasty. Although what is surprising, because the pea is also used for making baklava. And the dish from it only wins.

Can be prepared from a very ancient bulgur salad, which is still served to the table in different countries. This requires cilantro, parsley, mint, green onions and butter. And, of course, to this must be added the very mess. But in General, just experiment in the kitchen and maybe you can come up with a new dish with this interesting and useful ingredient.

Harm bulgur

This is probably one of the few products on the dangers, which almost no mention. Except in a few cases occurrences of allergic reactions caused by individual intolerance to grains. It is also worth not to abuse the amount of cereal, as she has a decent calorie content. Another little nuance, if you choose to dine bulgur, should not have a lot and ask for more. Porridge is really very tasty and one portion may not be satisfied. But it is better to get used to the product gradually. Bon appetit.