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The benefits and harms of pearl barley

Pearl barley is a whole grain, have gone through primary treatment, during which he removed from the outer shell - bran. High nutritional value and the relative cheapness of the product made it the most popular of cereals consumed in Russia. Barley porridge cook, it is added as a filler in soups, and is also used in the preparation of jellies, sweets, and other original dishes.

Not everyone knows how to turn barley and barley groats. Many Russians believe that barley - this plant. But our ancestors, this cereal was very well known. In Russia porridge out of it called the "royal", and not everyone can treat themselves to her at dinner. It received its name because of the similarity of the grain with the "pearls" - freshwater pearls. Later barley began to produce in large quantities. 

 Nowadays, it is included in the diet of the soldiers food. Porridge out of it is offered in pre-school institutions and hospitals. Now there are few who prepare it at home, without thinking about what is useful barley. Russians are more loved by small barley grits, also made from barley grains. It is distinguished by a more tender texture. However, the beneficial properties of barley are able to return it to its former popularity.

The use of barley is invaluable for the growing organism. The rump contains vitamin E and many minerals, essential for the child. Adult barley is useful in that it affects the regular use to maintain the health of the organism as a whole. Fragrant porridge will give a healthy look and shine to hair, as well as improve the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles, strengthen nails. It is believed that this cereal slows the aging process, increases life expectancy, so it must be included in the diet of elderly people power. Amino acids and cellulose, which is rich in this product have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Despite the relatively high caloric, this cereal promotes weight loss. There are a large number of mono-diet based on barley consumption. They help to restore completely the processes of the stomach works. In folk medicine, the use of this cereal are recommended for withdrawal from the body of toxins, but research such an effect has not been proven. Use of barley is used in the treatment of diabetes and allergic reactions.

Harm barley - it's quite a common myth. Many believe that this cereal porridge is too heavy for the stomach. This assumption is wrong. Benefits and harms of barley carefully studied by scientists nutritionists. These studies suggest a beneficial effect of the product on the digestive system.