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The benefits and harms of millet porridge

Millet porridge - it's the croup, which is grains of millet. Outside of our homeland porridge is considered a national Russian dish, such as, for example, soup or soup. This is not surprising, because in Russia porridge served not only daily food. It was prepared for the festive table, she was treated to our dear guests. This is one of the first dishes, known as the ancient Slavs.

Since it involves a large number of proverbs and sayings, as porridge called every major event, such as a military campaign or a feast. Joint preparation of this dish is served as an expression of trust and sympathy. Here is where did the phrase "with him porridge will not weld." Nowhere is prepared porridge in the world as in Russia: she had long languished in protoplennoy oven, and finally turned into a fragrant and tasty dish. Our ancestors appreciated the useful properties of millet porridge. Of all the cereals, which cooks use in Russia, millet is the oldest. And today, it does not lose its popularity: many people know what is useful millet porridge and try to cook it as often as possible.

 Use of cereals millet in that the content of plant protein in it it exceeds buckwheat, rice, barley and even. Nutritious meal is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and PP. It contains trace elements required by the human immune system: iodine, zinc and potassium. The toxins and breakdown products of drugs millet binds and removes from the body. Useful porridge and for the normalization of the digestive system. Nutritious meals helps fight obesity. The amino acids that make up the grains contribute to the breakdown and removal from the body fat. Diabetic disease - the first indication for use Pshenko. Further, potassium contained in its composition, promotes vessel wall and prevents many heart diseases. Useful properties of millet porridge strengthen the immune system and make the body less susceptible to both diseases themselves, and their possible consequences.

Harm millet porridge for men is that its frequent use can cause a deterioration of potency. For this reason, it certainly should not be excluded from the diet completely. Benefits and harms of millet porridge depend on its measure of consumption. Total millet diet, of course, would exhaust the body. But to ignore the use of this food is not worth it. Be sure that the cereals must be thoroughly washed - up until the water is clear. Cook porridge is not difficult to do this, there are many recipes. For example, try to add to the finished dish dried fruit: figs, raisins or prunes.