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The benefits and harms of Lentils

So, there is evidence that the benefits of lentils is that it is incredibly rich in vitamins such as A and b vitamins, and even vitamin C, which is present in sprouting grains, and in addition, vegetable protein. And the wonderful thing is that protein that is part of the lentils has many of the necessary to maintain healthy functions of the human body amino acids and is excellently assimilated in it. Also important – lentils dry loses only about thirty percent of nutrients.

It is known that the use of lentils in her exclusive property, not to accumulate nitrates and various other toxic substances. The lentils did not absorb the radionuclides, even if grown on polluted and contaminated the soil. For this reason, the lentils always speak boldly as environmentally friendly product.

Experts say that the use of lentils in the isoflavones contained in it. These compounds are able to suppress the development of malignant tumors. It is important that they are kept completely intact in canned or dried beans.

Also, the use of lentils, according to doctors, lies in its ability to normalize the work of the organs of the urogenital system. In addition, lentils are able to influence the increase of body resistance bacteria and pathogens and significantly strengthens the immune system.



Lentil contains a lot of need to human body trace elements such as phosphorus and potassium, iron and calcium, are molybdenum, cobalt, boron and magnesium, zinc, iodine and others. Use lentils in the presence of fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6.Lentils are very good for health of heart and vessels, in addition, she is actively involved in hematopoiesis. Also, this legume is good for diabetics, as it affects the normalization of blood sugar levels.

However, the dangers of lentils could also be because she, like almost all legumes has a number of negative properties. It can greatly overload the gastrointestinal tract, thus cause excessive flatulence. For people who suffer peptic ulcer disease and dysbiosis lentils is contraindicated because it when this kind of illnesses very badly split in the stomach.

More harmful lentils may affect the gallbladder and kidneys since it may contribute to stone formation. That is why lentil is contraindicated for people suffering from biliary dyskinesia.

Generally, lentils are largely a product are quite positive and eating healthy. A healthy person can eat it regularly, but not every day. And in any case the order was really received the benefits and harms of lentils were absent, it is especially important to observe moderation and to listen carefully to the important recommendations of experts.