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The benefits and harms of Millet

The positive effects of wheat on the human body

This grain is a grain product that is recommended for people who do mental work and heavy physical exertion. Contained in this product carbs very slowly absorbed, which prevents a sharp rise in the sugar level contained in blood. Many doctors recommend to include in the diet of people trying to reduce weight and those who suffer from diabetes.

When dealing with weight reduction millet porridge is particularly useful, as it provides the body saturation. It can be combined with vegetables that have a low caloric level, such as pumpkin or carrots, this dish will help to enrich the body with valuable substances and thus hunger will soon return. It will contain from 250 to 300 kcal.

Millet contains vitamins of group In (B5 and B2) that have a beneficial influence on the condition of the skin and hair. If this cereal is regularly included in the diet, it is possible to get rid of various hair problems, in particular with the emergence of dandruff.



Everything else these vitamins are particularly necessary to be consumed to strengthen and restore the structure of the muscles. Millet is especially recommended to use for people involved in professional sports, including Amateurs. But a common problem for many people, constipation is often linked to the fact that the daily intake of dietary fiber is not required dose. In this mess it is contained in sufficient quantities, so its use will help to resolve this issue.The dangers of wheat

Despite the fact that this product is very good for the body, but it may not be suitable for all people. Quite rare, but also found that certain individuals millet is able to provoke hypersensitive, but such cases are extremely rare, which is why doctors this fact does not even take into account.

Not so long ago in one newspaper published the results of research, during which it became clear that millet is able to delay the process of assimilation of iodine. However, many nutritionists refute this hypothesis, since they believe in nothing, not to take the drug "codomain" after eating servings of porridge, because these two can be valuable to distribute the product in the diet. So that they are not combined.

Specialists contraindicated to consume millet in large quantities to individuals who have inflammation in the colon and those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and low acidity. From eating millet porridge is recommended to refrain during treatment of such diseases as hypothyroidism.