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The benefits and harms of corn grits

The useful properties of cereals

In addition to the Goodies and very significant nutritionally, polenta has a number of properties that allow you to enroll her in a state of natural helpers in the fight with different ailments.

For example, it copes with a mission "cleaner" of the body, removing toxins, radionuclides, pesticides. Thanks to the fiber, cornmeal porridge cleans even well the intestines and stomach. It contributes to the prevention of putrefaction and fermentation, which occur in these organs.

By entering in the diet of corn porridge, and painted it a couple of times a week, you can increase significantly your immune system. In addition, she plays perfectly the role of the assistant in the cardiovascular system, removing bad cholesterol. Accordingly, the vessels did not form plaques, they become supple enough and their permeability increases. In this regard, shown delicious polenta and "high blood pressure".

This product is recommended for baby food. It turns out that porridge of maize does not cause allergic reactions. Besides, it is very nutritious and well digested. Thanks to these properties are shown first, such and the elderly.

If you are not indifferent to their appearance, the maize porridge. Savoring it and getting the taste of fun, you can still skin condition to improve, as well as hair and nails.



Is the corn porridge and an excellent means to figure your found a harmony. Its low caloric value and ability to cleanse the body, make the soy thing. Besides, the risk does not provide nutrients, when solved for losing weight on such a diet, excluded. After all, this product is capable to provide you an impressive amount of essential body components.

Some advice and warnings

If you want to get from the corn porridge and the benefits and taste of pleasure, the role played by the freshness of cereals, from which this porridge will cook. Choose fresh product and store dry.

Even if you really like polenta, do not still abuse it. This can lead to heaviness in the stomach. It might also cause redness on the cheeks. Extra grams of cereal and can contribute to extra inches around the waist.

To cook healthy porridge too, should be able. Rump washed, pour in boiling water or milk. Them, besides, it is necessary to pre-salt and sweeten, if you want to eat sugar. After boiling porridge it should be another ten minutes or so to boil. In order porridge turned out delicious, its some time steamed.

In corn porridge ready add butter, milk. Fit and fresh fruit or berries. You can add raisins, dried apricots, other dried fruits. The sweetener for this dish is not only sugar, but also honey