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The benefits and harms of Kiwi

Kiwi is one of the favorite fruit trees. This fruit grows in New Zealand. Quite often it is called "Chinese gooseberry". Ingredients Kiwi benefit and harm is determined, based on the components included in its composition. There are such components in the composition of the fetus: Flesh kiwi has a lot of vitamin C. It plays an important role in wound healing and ensures the normal functioning of the immune system. The potassium contained in the fruit, restores balance of minerals and normalizes blood pressure. Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. The kiwi fruit has approximately 10% sugar. The green pigment, which is part of the fruit is rich in magnesium. It provides stimulation of the heart to function properly. Minerals are taking important part in activating the proteins and stimulation of the brain. 

Kiwi fruit: the benefits and harms positive influence fruit on the human body is: strengthening the immune system, improving the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, the strengthening of the myocardium, performing the role of a prophylactic spring and autumn beriberi, purification of blood vessels from cholesterol, giving strength and elasticity of the vascular walls , participation in the blood, increase the level of hemoglobin, improving oxygen supply of all organs and body systems. prevention of cancer, kidney cleansing, anti-hypertension (high blood pressure). kiwi consumption provides the body protein digestibility, so this fruit is recommended as a side dish to meat dishes. Use fruit Knowing the composition of the product can be determined kiwi fruit benefits and harms. Use of this product is quite large. Kiwi needs to consume in the following cases: When the weakened immunity. It increases resistance to infections. It helps fruit to cope with stress. In periods of epidemics as the prevention of colds. Kiwi cut into small pieces and mix with honey. Such a composition consumed before bedtime. For colds. A unique cocktail made from kiwi, will quickly recover. In a blender grind the fruit and add 3 carrots, honey. All components of the mix, adding a glass of fresh yogurt. To clean the body of harmful cholesterol. Kiwi use pen each meal. When used after eating kiwi fruit, you can eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, belching and unpleasant heartburn. This berry helps to normalize digestion. For removing salts from the body. The substances included in the fruit, and prevent formation of a compound of kidney stones. In violation of vascular health. Kiwi has a large number of substances that help snizat clots. In heart failure. Kiwi is an excellent product for those who want to get rid of the extra kilos. Kiwi diet involves eat one fruit before eating. In a short time, you can lose a couple of kilos.

Introduced exotic fruit can be called a master of all trades. It not only improves mood and helps to make a slim figure and puts in order the skin. It is not necessary for this purpose to apply some special masks. Peel the kiwi is quite suitable for daily wiping skin. The result is simply stunning. The skin tightened and has a healthy glow. Mask of the fruits of the product has an effect that is comparable to the deep peeling. This effect is achieved due to the natural fruit acids, which is part of the fruit. Make-up skin is very simple. Gruel fruit mixed with sour cream or yogurt. Permission to add a little honey. Apply on the skin and wait for 15-20 minutes. Exotic kiwi has a beneficial effect on the hair, slowing down the appearance of gray hair. Application of kiwi presented in cooking exotic fruits do not have great demand in the market. Rank them from doing so is not particularly affected. Tender and juicy pulp, extraordinary taste the fruit made it the most popular product for any kitchen. Kiwi fruit can be eaten in its pure form, clearing it from the skin. You can eat it with a spoon just by cutting the fruit in half. A special taste of the fruit is very popular in the preparation of various dishes: Kiwi goes well with all fruits. It will give some zest fruit salad. Kiwi is in harmony with the meat. Baked with this product a piece of veal will impress even the most demanding gourmet. Kiwi is actively used in the preparation of fish and seafood. Especially popular in the preparation of sushi and roll. Kiwi often serves as a filling for a pie. He is very popular in the manufacture of jam, marmalade. The fruits of the fruit used to make jam. Contraindications Kiwi What is the harm to kiwi? This fruit contains many useful and valuable properties. Where will the harmful properties of the fruit? It is not recommended to use it in case of an allergic reaction, and individual intolerance of the fruit. Kiwifruit is very rich in acids, may therefore cause allergies. Contraindications to the use of the fruit include: increased acidity, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, Allergic reactions. Kiwi, despite such a large number of useful components, and has its contraindications. It is absolutely necessary to know not to get complications and recharge your energy and health for many years.