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The benefits and harms of melon

Gourds called "melon" is known since biblical times. Cultivate it was BC in North India, with the passage of time the plant with sweet honey pulp became popular in the west and the east. Melon Fruit became appreciated for its extraordinary taste and aroma. But in addition to taste, the plant has many medicinal properties that help to fight the human body with a variety of ailments. In this article we will explain what sorts of yellow fruits are popular among gardeners, some nutritional value has melon, benefits and harms of natural goodies, as well as the form in which it is best to use this product. The chemical composition of a melon, melon Pulp energy value in addition to standard set fruit protein / fat / carbohydrate consists of water, ash and starch, dietary fibers, fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated) and mono- and disaccharides. 

A large amount of water - 100 g melon 90 g of water - allowing quench the thirst of this plant in the heat, the water flushes the kidneys and well combined with vitamin cures chronic diseases of urinary system. Fiber is composed of melon beneficial effect on the digestive process, deriving from intestinal toxins and accumulated deposits on its walls. It is worth mentioning that some energy value is melon - it is very low calorie, 35 kcal per 100 g of product. Eating honey melon pulp, you can forget about counting calories, and this is no joke. Even eating a whole melon, you will spend on its digesting more calories than you have in the plant. However, the habit melon can cause an upset stomach, and a large amount of sugars will contribute to an increase in blood glucose, which is unacceptable for patients with diabetes. So do not forget that there are benefits and harms of melon - more than 200 grams a piece in one go is not a recommended, especially after a long break. Melon - product rich in many vitamins and minerals. This plant can be attributed to natural natural energy. It will provide the body with nutrients, will give a charge of vivacity and energy. The composition of melon are: Vitamins Vitamin PP - 0,4 mg; Vitamin C - 20 mg; Vitamin A - 67 g; Vitamin PP - 0,5 mg; Vitamin B5 - 0,2 mg; Vitamin B9 - 6 g; Vitamin E - 0,1 mg; Vitamin B6 - 0,06 mg. Macro and trace elements Calcium - 16 mg; Magnesium - 13 mg; Sodium - 32 mg; Potassium - 118 mg; Phosphorus - 12 mg; Chlorine - 50 mg; Sulphur - 10 mg; Iron - 1 mg; Fluorine - 20 g; Copper - 47 mcg; Cobalt - 2 g; Iodine - 2 mcg. Melon in its composition contains sugars that are light digestion with. This means that a small slice of melon as a light snack will play the role of energy bars - improves mental activity, a desire to redo a lot of cases. Of course, carve workplace melon fruit a little strange, but then you decide to eat all of the office? Otherwise, you can prepare at home for a lunch break melon dessert - grated on a fine grater to mix with low-fat melon tvorogomi 1 tbsp cream, with no sugar added.

melon varieties cultivated in abundance. The composition and properties of each class are different, though not dramatically, but in some cases it is better to know which variety is most useful when used for medicinal purposes. Consider a few of the most popular varieties of sweet melons. Melon Farmer One of the most common varieties of melons. The round yellow fruit with a distinctive aroma. Compared with other types of Farmer Skorospelka considered. Speaking of which contains melon Farmer benefits and harms, note the pros and cons of the class + the most minimal amount of calories; + Can be used as a dietary product for weight loss; - Gives the content of useful substances other varieties. Melon Torpedo Torpedo grown Uzbeks, who are experts in this melons. This relates to the grade of the Uzbek late, so melon torpedo, and use of a harm - controversial issue goes on sale from the beginning of the season, and closer to the end. Dispatching well, has a delicate sweet flavor. Advantages and disadvantages of the class + the sweetest variety of melon; + Rich in minerals and vitamins; - Does not love a cool climate. Melon and traditional medicine changes in the body can be seen already in the first days after eating cantaloupe. Enough to eat a slice, to feel the healing effect of the southern beauty. She starts work metabolism, are improving gastrointestinal function, energy supply is replenished in the body. Melon from time immemorial is the guardian of the women's health and beauty: cocktails from the juice of the melon pulp inside the mask of grated melon outside, and a representative of the fair sex a week after the "melon therapy" will look rejuvenated, fresh, light will glow on the cheeks. Which diseases useful to use fresh melon - fatigue and irritability; - Stresses; - Insomnia; - cardiovascular diseases; - Anemia; - Gout; - Rheumatism. Melon is the most useful thing to eat it fresh. You can make a simple fruit salad of sliced pieces of melon, bananas, grapes and white dressed with yogurt. Particularly useful is a fruit platter to eat children. However, on an empty stomach can not have this product, because the melon though low-calorie product, but because of the high sugar content can cause unpleasant consequences. Contraindications to eat cantaloupe melon fruits are very tasty. During warmer months, enjoy juicy flesh - a pleasure. But do not forget that everything should be eaten in moderation. If you have overeaten melon, it is likely the first time, even the smell will cause you disgust. Oversupply of this plant can threaten not only dislike the taste, but also problems with the stomach - melon is quite heavy product, and on a large scale, it will only harm. To avoid stomach upset, do not eat melon with milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, and do not wash down with cold water melon. Melon - allergenic product. Children she is allowed to eat until the age of 18 months. If you notice after consuming melon red spots on the face and body, immediately consult your doctor and take an antihistamine