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The benefits and harms of Plum

Plum in our area - a very popular fruit. It grows on virtually every garden plot and has a pleasant taste. The fruit came from crosses plum and blackthorn. His birthplace was originally a territory located between the Caucasus and Altai. Thanks to the residents of the Syrian plum tree has become quite popular in Europe. Today, there is an impressive variety of plum varieties. It is best to eat it fresh. However, jams and compotes from this fruit are also good. Plums: benefit and harm to the body There are many questions to which the user wants to get the answers: how to combine business with pleasure by eating the fruit; whether it is useful for cosmetic purposes, to believe folk medicine, the benefits of plum health, etc. Let's consider a plum position with benefits and harms health.

1. Fruit nizkokalorien. Energy value of the fetus is about 30 kcal / 100 g. It has a low level of fat. However, the drain saturated organic acids and fiber, has a positive effect on metabolism. 

2. Plum - a source of vitamins especially in acute viral diseases. 3. The plum fruits increase appetite, and gastric acidity necessary to use them in a larger amount as the components included in the composition, assist the secretion of gastric juice. 4. This fruit - a source of iron, so helpful to young children, pregnant women, and people with iron deficiency anemia. 5. The presence of Vitamin P strengthens blood vessels and helps the circulatory system of the body. By the way, it plays an important role and that this vitamin in fruits preserved even after processing. 6. Plum is especially useful for people suffering from constipation due to essential substances that are irritating to the esophagus wall and act as a laxative. In addition, it has a diuretic effect and is useful for kidney disease. 7. With regular use of draining people provided a good mood, because they contain vitamins of group B positive effect on the human nervous system. 8. This fruit has disinfectant properties for oral, that is useful, for example, stomatitis. 9. The presence of large amounts of potassium helps people to deal with high blood pressure. 10. Plums and prunes help to rid the body of accumulated cholesterol. And the latter in fever even able to lower body temperature. 11. The fruit is very popular in cosmetology, because incorporates large amounts of antioxidant vitamins and zinc, which allows to preserve the health of hair, nails and skin. From its flesh make special masks, has a rejuvenating effect and improves skin elasticity. Typically, course duration is at least 15 masks. Also drain - a component of some creams and lotions. 12 Plum fruits are also found in cooking. Of them make prunes, jam, jelly, candy, mashed potatoes, candied fruit, juice, pickles and a variety of seasonings. 13. We are healing and plum fruits, and fresh or dried leaves, lotion of which help heal minor wounds and abrasions. Harm 1. plum fruit contains a certain amount of sugar, so people who suffer from diabetes, obesity, should limit their use. 2. Plum can harm people, the body which suffers from high acidity of the stomach or other gastrointestinal diseases, especially in the acute stage. 3. Overeating drain fraught with some problems associated with flatulence and discomfort in the stomach. Therefore it is not necessary to eat the fruits of more than 5 per day. 4. As the plums are able to extract a large amount of fluid from the human body, their use is limited as much as possible in such diseases of the joints. Thus, the plum - benefits and harms, in principle, is not equivalent. In its composition it has so many nutrients as needed to support a healthy immune system, beauty and even mood. Contra-use of these fruits, mainly related to excess or personal intolerance of the body. Therefore, eat plums and be healthy!