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The benefits and harms of Pear

Pear - a favorite of many fruits. For his wonderful aroma and sweet taste, and it is appreciated by adults and small children. The ancient Chinese, who first began to cultivate pear trees, ate the fruit, not only as a delicious food, but also as a healing product. In the following, the amazing healing properties of pears have become known around the world, and now this fruit is widely used to treat many types of diseases. Description and benefits What the properties of a pear? Benefits and harm the fetus is its chemical composition. The fruit has a large number of standard types of breeders there are about 60 varieties of species. The shape and taste of pears may vary, but they all share common traits: - pear tree - a fruit tree, reaching heights of up to 25 m; - Pear fruit can be of different shapes (oval, round, oblong) and different color tones (green, yellow, red); - Considered the most useful fruit fruits without external damage (scratches, dents); - Ripeness of pears can be identified by its aroma and alluring scent.

The composition of the fruit, pear, benefit and harm to the health, chemical composition: Vitamin A - enhances the regeneration of skin tissue; Vitamin C - a natural antibiotic that has anti-inflammatory and tonic properties; Vitamin K - strengthening the skeletal system, has a preventive effect against cancer; Vitamin 9 - normalizes the performance of the circulatory system; vitamin PP - contributes to the normalization of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. minerals - calcium, fluoride, potassium, zinc, manganese, iron, phosphorus and sodium. Benefits There are many ways to improve your health. When used as a therapeutic product pear, benefit and harm to the body are the following properties: to improve thyroid health; normalization and activation of the body's defenses; combating infections, viruses, colds phenomena; provide a diuretic effect; opposition all sorts of inflammatory processes; aid in protecting the body against the attack of harmful compounds and toxic substances; normalization of intestinal disorders; provision of antiparasitic and antimicrobial effects. Not only fresh fruit has unique healing properties. Dried and baked pears also have a beneficial and healing effect on the human body.

Dried pears - very tasty and sweet dessert. Dried fruit has such useful properties as a diuretic, antitussive, anti-microbial, fixing, antipyretic. Dried pears helps to eliminate toxins from the human body. Since dried pears are delicious but fairly high-calorie foods, they are not recommended to eat people who suffer from excess weight and diabetes. In addition, nutritionists do not recommend to combine the dried pears with dairy products, since such interactions can cause a human intestinal disorders. Baked pears - another variation of cooking tasty and healthy treats. Baked Pears are one of the variants of the first foods in young children, because the product in this form of preparation is hypoallergenic. In addition, the use of baked pears is as follows: enrich the body with all the useful nutrients, normalize the digestive tract work, contribute to the normalization of the circulatory and nervous system. The use of certain varieties of pears artichoke popularly artichoke has a second name - Jerusalem artichoke. As part of this pear varieties are: fortified and mineral compounds, starch, cellulose, organic acids, pectin. Useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke touch virtually every internal system of the human body: - strengthening the immune system; - Cleansing of the body from the harmful effects of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances; - Normalization of the digestive system; - Elimination of edema; - Getting rid of nervous disorders; - Decrease in blood pressure; - A diuretic effect; - Increase the level of hemoglobin; - Intensification of the processes of blood. This Chinese pear pear varieties grown for the first time started in China. Chinese pear has a sour-sweet taste, the color of the fruit ranges from off-white to pale and yellow. As part of the Chinese pears contain a huge amount of mineral and vitamin-fortified substances that are beneficial to the work of the internal systems of the human body. - Potassium - treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, regulation of muscle and tissue processes. - Vitamin B complex help to normalize the human nervous condition (treatment of insomnia, anxiety, depression). - Tannins and organic compounds have a positive effect on the urinary system and heart, has tonic properties. Pear Conference The most common and well-liked sort of pears - conference. This fruit has a pleasant and sweet taste and alluring scent, soft texture. Benefits Conference: Enhancing the body's defenses; combating infections, germs and viruses; anthelmintic and antiparasitic properties; diuretic effect; normalization of the cardiovascular system; supply of the human body nutrient. Harm and contraindications Pear is quite heavy product, so its excessive consumption can cause flatulence (particularly in young children). Prohibited eating raw pears for people suffering from stomach ulcers. It is not recommended to combine pears and milk, it threatens to upset stomach.