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The benefits and harms of orange

Almost every one of us loves this sunny and juicy fruit, whose pulp is incredibly tasty. The beneficial properties of orange can compose the legend, it brings ill with SARS for children and adults, in school canteens issue as a mandatory vitamin, make him useful fresh juices and cocktails. It is widely known and loved, even among real gourmet. But not everyone knows that this sweet fruit carries with it not only benefits - sometimes it is harmful and may aggravate some diseases that afflict people. This, of course, the reputation of orange clouds, but we will investigate. On what does depend on the benefits and harms of orange? How he arrived Orange first appeared in China, where more cultivated for several thousand years before our era. 

 Much later, around the XV-XVI centuries, enterprising Portuguese colonialists brought to Europe under the name "Chinese apple", where he immediately won almost universal love and popularity. Immediately it became fashionable to grow an orange tree in their greenhouses and be compared with its neighbors quantity and quality of their crops. Since then and to this day the cultivation of oranges - an integral part of the economy of several countries: China, Egypt, India, the southern regions of the United States. The composition of the orange fruit contains a record number of various vitamins and minerals, as our body's storehouse of useful components. Orange contains about 9 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, and 0.2 grams of fat, vitamins of groups A-P and the following minerals. Iron Copper Calcium Phosphorus Sodium Magnesium Fluoride fruit can be consumed safely, if you follow the diet. Calorie Orange is about 70-80 cc per 100 grams of product. A calorie orange peeled at all equal to 40-50 cc. Good quality oranges to oranges we use simply colossal. This fruit has a positive effect on absolutely all systems and organs of the body, thanks to its rich composition of vitamins and minerals. Let us consider what benefits we will bring this fruit, if we eat it: Orange - one of the main sources of energy for our body. The pulp, juice, fresh juice or cocktail - all this will bring you a big charge forces and cheer up for many hours to come. Most rich orange vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which protects our immune system, and keeps normal psychological processes. Therefore, very often it is recommended to consume at constant stress and frustration. Thanks to the vitamin C, orange has the property of microbes excrete a variety of SARS and ARI. Fruit and contributes to generating the normal functioning of hormones and neurotransmitters, which regulate our feelings. The oranges are pectin and that accelerate the process of digestion and motor function of the colon, reduce the body's putrefaction. Fruits are used for the prevention of diseases such as vitamin deficiencies, heart disease, vascular and liver. Orange is rich in folic acid - vitamin is very helpful for the female body, which helps to avoid premature aging and depression, given the current stresses and challenges lovely ladies. He succeeded, and in the cosmetic field! Creams, lotions and potions with the addition of oranges are great for dry skin, moisturizing it well, cleaning and giving it a healthy color. Effective will mask of fresh oranges: fruit cut into slices and keep them on the face for about 20 minutes. Orange will nourish your skin with vitamins and give all the useful components to it. Peel orange We have found that the pulp is incredibly useful and it should be eaten, but it turns out orange peel is also recommended that you use for different purposes, thanks to many of its properties:

Bitterness peel. It will work fine on the metabolism in the body, prevents heartburn and improve digestion. In addition, bitter peel will help remove nausea and invigorate your body. If you rastolchete dried peel into powder, you get effective against cough, mucus in the airways and asthma. Neutralization of cholesterol. If you are on a diet, you should make friends with the orange peel because of the oil is removed from the body excess cholesterol. The use of orange peel is also in its essential oils, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial processes. There are "e-limonene" oil, which helps to maintain a normal acidity in the stomach and helps the bowel. Assist them and cleaning with the unloading of the liver. Orange peel is a must for people with oily skin, because it makes it more balanced, reduces oiliness and shine. Orange peel - a great natural remedy to combat the effect of peeling of the skin, acne, rashes and sores, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The use of orange peel, boiled in water, fill your home with a calming aroma. If you have a cat lives - this aroma is not desirable. But if the cat loves to sharpen claws on your furniture, spray the place with a solution of orange peel, and the animal will cease to play pranks. However, the drive out from the smell of citrus furniture not only your cat, but turn away from your home of many insects.