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The benefits and harms of Longan

Longan — tree of the family zapandoye. Reaches a height of 10-20 meters. Grows mainly in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Cultivated for its edible fruit of the same name that grow in clusters. A related plant is the Chinese lychee.

The fruit of the trees of the whole summer, with one wood you can collect up to 200 kilos of fruit.

Properties longan

Size of fruit is small, about a walnut. The fruits are translucent white or pinkish, sweet and juicy flesh, very fragrant. Sometimes it can be sour. Fruit coat thin, inedible and has yellowish stained to a reddish color. In the middle of it is hard seed that can be dark red or black. The taste of the longan is reminiscent of musk. Is implemented as a and grapes bunches. Total sale is three of a kind, however, are grown many varieties of longan.

The fruits are used in cooking and in folk medicine.

Use longan

In the fruit contains vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, minerals: iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, polysaccharides. Fruits have such actions as immunostimulatory, antioxidant and toning. While they are quite low in calories — only 60 kcal per 100 g.

Longan will be a great help in following ailments:


blurred vision;
heart palpitations;
anxiety (for no reason);
poor sleep;
In addition, when the cold flesh of the fruit will help to remove the fever, and it also improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

If consumed regularly, longan, it is possible to improve your health, concentration and memory.

Due to the low calorie product may be considered a dietary to consume even when dieting (if she permits the consumption of fruit).

In the course of the studies, beneficial to the body acid, such as gallium, ellagic etc. — they all have anti-oxidant properties and are great defenders of the liver and other organs from the negative effects of chemotherapy.

Vietnamese longan is used for applying to the place of the snake bite — the locals believe that the fruit can absorb the poison, which was released by serpent. In China they sell not only fruits but also leaves and flowers in the markets with medicinal plants. These are valued parts of the tree because they contain quercitrin and quercetin.

Longan seeds are an effective remedy for hyperhidrosis. Crushed kernels are used to stop external bleeding.

Application of longan

Choosing longan, you should pay attention to his skin. It should be crack-free and dense. If the fruit is not ripe, you can let him lie down a while, most likely, he was just removed from the tree not yet ripened.

Most often the fruits are consumed raw, pre-getting rid of the inedible peel. It can be used to create simple, tasty dishes. In this case, it is served with coconut milk and sticky rice, and if desired, add ice.

In Thailand, you can find the drink with the addition of longan juice. This cocktail quenches thirst and improves appetite. Also, it is served hot and spicy dish, it is filling the rolls, add in ice cream and salads.

And Thailand and China like to make longan nuts. To do this, they first boiled, then dried.

Often this fruit is used as an ingredient for sauces, and it also goes well with fish. On its basis, preparing the liquor. Fruits and preserve.

Harm to longan

There are no special contraindications for this fruit there. The only possible allergic reaction to the fruit.

Is attentive to the storage of fruits. And although they are picky to the conditions, it is best to place them in the refrigerator — they will be able to live up to a week. And outside of it — no more than three days.