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The benefits and harms of Garnet

In ancient times the pomegranate was considered the fruit of the gods because of the interesting and unusual forms of fruit. Due to the shape of the sepals, similar to the crown, the fruit called the king of fruits. Pomegranate is considered to be the birthplace of ancient Persia. Pomegranate is one of the oldest fruits that man began to eat. According to some legends, eve ate it was a pomegranate, translated from some language "pomegranate" means Apple.

As in the pomegranate many seeds, it is considered a symbol of fertility. Due to the fact that the seeds have been collected by the groups – a symbol of friendship, love and mutual affection.

Properties of pomegranate

Pomegranates grow on trees that do not exceed 5-6 meters in height. One tree can grow and bear fruit for a century. Usually during the season from one tree may yield 50 kg of fruit. The branches of the plant are thin and spiny, leaves smooth, tapered, with no sharp edges. Color tree beautiful red flowers, resembling the shape of the glass. Garnet is a red-brown round fruit the size of a fist. Inside the pomegranate are small seeds, which are eaten, they gathered groups and separated by thin white membranes. Inside each seed is a small white bone.

Pomegranate is a heat-loving plant, it grows in tropical and subtropical climates. Fruit transporterowych in countries and regions where it does not grow. It can grow both in the wild and at home.

The taste of the pomegranate sweet and sour, the fruits are watery and juicy. Found fruit with tart but pleasant flavor.

Garnet in its composition contains a large amount of nutrients. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, contains large amounts of essential amino acids, organic acids, and beneficial to the body tissue.

The benefits of pomegranate

Pomegranate is rich in iron, so it increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. It can be eaten for anemia. Pomegranates reduce blood pressure. These fruits are advised to eat for hypertension. They also strengthen blood vessels, improve heart function. Pomegranate blood circulates better throughout the body, which improves sexual function in men.

Effective at treating minor ailments of the digestive system. Improve conditions after diarrhea, poisoning, digestive disorders.

Pomegranate helps the body to recover after the stress of serious illnesses and operations.

Pomegranates and dried white membrane, attached to tea, improve the condition of the nervous system, soothe, strengthen, relieve sleep disorders, effective for nervous breakdowns.

Garnet strengthens the immune system generates a protective function against viral colds. Pomegranate contains a substance having a bacterial properties and can act as disinfectants.

Helps in diarrhea due to the Tanin, which is part of the fruit and has an astringent effect.

The use of pomegranate

Eat the pomegranate raw, bones make a tasty and healthy juice, added to fruit salads, decorate desserts, from pomegranates to make wine and punches.

From the leaves of the pomegranate makes the tea, with an unusual aroma and taste.

From pomegranate seeds to extract oil, which is used in cosmetics to improve the skin. Creams and balms based on pomegranate oil slows the aging process, nourish the skin with vitamin E.

From the flowers of the pomegranate to produce dyes, because they contain large amounts of pigment punicin anthocyanin, which gives red color. These dyes are used for coloring the fabric fibers.

Garnet has an excellent vermifuge, it is used for pest control and prevention.

Harm grenade

Pomegranate can not eat pregnant and nursing, as well as people with chronic severe diseases of the intestinal tract, as well as those who have observed increased acidity of the stomach.

You can not eat pomegranate for those who have unbearable reactions to the product.

In the pomegranate peel contain toxic substances, so cooking whole fruit pomegranate therefore not to use decoctions of pomegranate skin, oral can also harm the body.

Pomegranate not advised to take people suffering from constipation.