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The benefits and harms of Jackfruit

The jackfruit is called Indian bread tree is a plant of the mulberry family. It is a plant close kinship bread tree.

In height the tree can reach 20 meters and has fruit. They can be of different sizes, from 20 cm to 110 cm in length and weigh up to 34 kg. the Rind of the fruit is very dense and has a large number of projections. When the fruits are young, they have a greenish color when ripe it begins to change to yellowish or brownish-yellow. Inside the fruit is divided into layers containing yellow flesh.

The homeland of this tree is considered to be Bangladesh and India, and later spread to other countries. In Russia it grows

Properties of jackfruit

The seeds and the rind are very unpleasant to human odor, which can be compared with the smelly rotten onions. But the sweet pulp has a rather pleasant aroma, which is similar to pineapple or banana.

In addition to the unpleasant smell of the skins has a gooey substance, so to cut the fruit with your bare hands is not recommended. When choosing jackfruit should pay attention to his skin. It should be intact, without damage, and its color should be yellow with a green tint. To touch the fruit should be firm or soft is the preferred thick peel. If the fruit emits a strong odor, it means that it is already overripe. Before the use of jackfruit need to get rid of resin, core and seeds.

In the refrigerator or at room temperature it is kept not more than 5 days but in the freezer, you can save up to two months fresh.

The jackfruit, though no fat, it is a nutritious fruit as it contains a lot of carbohydrates. 100 g of fresh fruit contains 94 calories.

The use of jackfruit

The fruit contains a small amount of pulp. Even in the Mature fruit the amount is less than half. However, even a small amount is very nutritious. The pulp contains about 50% carbohydrates, which is more than the bread. Carbohydrates are found even in the seeds — they are about 40%. So they are roasted and eaten. The flesh of the fruit contains vitamin a, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium and calcium.

In addition to cooking, some countries believe that jackfruit brings good luck, so plant this tree in your garden.

For medical purposes the root of the tree to treat diarrhoea, the flowers are valued for antidiuretic property. When the fruit is unripe, it has an astringent property, due to which the fruit is used externally. In folk medicine, the fruit pulp is used in pharyngitis, disorders of the stomach, to treat stomach ulcers and other diseases and ailments. Also, this fruit helps to lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. The seeds in roasted form has a stimulating property.

The ripe fruit has laxative properties, and the leaves that are boiled as an herbal tea, help to increase the amount of milk in nursing women.

The use of jackfruit

In addition to the food suitable fruit and flowers. Them in blanshirovat form can be added to the sauce (especially good it goes well with spicy types) or in a salad.

To eat flesh is not only fresh, but with ice cream, sweets or other fruit and sugar, make it into jelly or marmalade. It can also be used as a filling for pies, baked as a vegetable. If the fruit is ripe, it can still be eaten in this form it is perfect as a vegetable: it can boil, stew or fry.

Interestingly, the jackfruit goes well with meat and fish products, used to decorate appetizers or salads. You can add it to salad or chicken salad, and the chicken you can stuff the flesh of the fruit.

Optional to use jackfruit immediately after purchase. The flesh can be cut into slices, frozen and stored for several months. While preserving the useful properties of the pulp. But here is the condition of the fruit to be ripe.

The dangers of jackfruit

This product can be hypersensitivity and Allergy to any component. If a person is trying a jackfruit for the first time, because he was not accustomed to such food, maybe an upset stomach. It should be noted that due to the laxative properties jackfruit is not recommended to eat in large quantities.