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The benefits and harms of Cherry Plum

Cherry plum - this early appearance of fruit culture, which has a highly productive adaptive capacity. Its fruits have excellent taste. This product is very popular in the world.

Home medium-sized plum plum, grows to a height of 10 meters. Fruits are elongated, rounded, sometimes flattened. They have red, purple, yellow or black. Wood undemanding and resistant to many diseases of plants. In Russia, home drain is very popular, and like its sour taste. Used plums in cooking, cosmetics, traditional medicine.

Use plum

Plum contains the minimum amount of sugar, a sufficient amount of citric and malic acids, provitamin A, B, PP, E. alycha much ascorbic acid, pectin, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. The fruit is not high-calorie, but has the highest nutritional value.

The fresh, plum used for the prevention (treatment), beriberi, constipation, disorders of bowel activity.

In medicine use and the fruits and flowers. Water tincture of the flowers helps with pathologies of the reproductive system, liver, kidneys.

plum juice helps with colds. Excellent diaphoretic and antitussive. The quince contains a lot of pectin and cellulose, and such a composition quenches thirst, cures stomach illnesses, vitamin deficiencies. Due to the high amount of potassium, plum copes with heart problems: strengthens muscle muscle and a positive effect on the nervous system. Cherry plum prevents arrhythmia, relaxes and soothes. If the headache and blood pressure rose, it is possible to eat 200 grams of fruit like an hour to normal condition.


Over one hundred percent certainty we can say that the plum - plum small - currently rejuvenating apples. This is not only due to the vitamins C and E, to its member. For example, in the fruit of this plant, there is iodine, which has high digestibility, and this is another important reason that explains the mandatory presence of fruit in the diet. This is especially important for people, in the presence of iodine deficiency. Small children should take in food plum, in small quantities, in the period of ripening fruit is formed when the thyroid gland, nervous system.

Because vitamin A and C - the strongest antioxidant, slows the aging process, increases the protection of the body, improves skin condition.

Application plum

Not only plums found its use in cooking and medicine. For example, from seeds of quince, is obtained fatty oil, which by its quality and composition, is similar to almond oil. It is this oil quickly found its application in the perfumery and cosmetics. It is used for manufacturing medical oils. Even the shell of the bones of the plum used in the manufacture of activated carbon.

And compotes, and decoctions of plum have a high benefit. These drinks increase appetite, help to normalize digestion. Do not forget that from the plum turns out very tasty preserves, jams and sauces.

The official medicine are advised to take tkemali the diet of elderly people, pregnant women, nursing mums and kiddies. This tool provides the body with vitamins, minerals and various nutrients.

Apply plum chronic or acute diseases of the biliary tract and liver. Due to the fact that there is a small amount of drain sugar, its use in serious metabolic disorders. For example, obesity, diabetes.

Ladies need to know that you can lose weight plum. To do this, add the berries at all meals, while not be cooked. Cherry plum goes well in salads, desserts. Due to the presence of organic acids and low calorie, plums activates the oxidation processes in the body. If you regularly use the sink for food, then for three months, you can lose up to five kilograms.

Cherry plum is used in cosmetology. You can make a variety of masks, which include plums. You can simply grease the face fleshed plum half an hour. Thanks to fruit acids, the skin will gain the necessary moisture, while even the deepest wrinkles are straighten.

Harm plum

And despite the large number of positive factors, even plums may harm. Since this fruit acids glut, with increased secretion of pancreatic and gastric juice, in diseases of the stomach (gastritis and ulcers), the fetus is absolutely contraindicated. A small drain may suddenly trigger a new attack, worsen the GI mucosa. At higher acidity can eat plum, no more than 2 units per day.

Do not forget that in the bones contains hydrocyanic acid, and they can cause poisoning, but only when used in a large quantity. Therefore, even store jam with seeds of plum, can be no more than 3 months. It is strictly forbidden to chop bones and heart given to children.

And another risk of plum - excesses in consumption. Even the most safe and wonderful medicine mo