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The benefits and harms of almonds

The beneficial properties of almonds

Various diseases, even chronic, can retreat if you enter in your diet almonds. And healthy person to maintain your strong body normal eat just a few "nuts" in the day. Because almonds are quite nutritious and useful substances, as seen from the above list, expressed it in a very concentrated form.

Have useful properties, that is the sweet varieties of almonds. Numerous studies have proven cleansing properties "nuts". They can contribute to the excretion of kidney sand. In the treatment of urolithic disease, it serves as an excellent auxiliary means. Some properties of almonds may help and difficult urination. Useful product this for the health of men. He is able to enhance the potency considerably. For those of you who are suffering a hangover, it is useful to know that the almond copes with this problem. Has almonds and choleretic properties.

Biologically active substances in the "nuts" can improve blood composition. So it is used in the treatment of anemia. Positive effect eating almonds in the spleen and liver.



Harm almond

If you like sweet almond nucleoli, don't overdo it when you varnish them. Because almond is considered a very active allergen. Therefore, those who suffer from diseases of allergic to this product should be treated with caution. Overeating can cause even and dizziness, even slight intoxication of a narcotic.

Immature or bitter almonds can lead to poisoning. Pay attention to the quality of the almond "nut", when buying this natural product.

If there are problems with heart rhythms, and they are violated, it is better from such a pleasant taste and in many cases useful product, still refuse. Under strong excitation, is also fond of almonds is not worth.

Since the kernel of almond is very high in calories, obese people also better not to abuse these "nuts".

In fact, excessive consumption of almonds may have a healthy person to cause discomfort. So to be able to use all the useful and wonderful qualities of the almond, it is necessary to know the measure.