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The benefits and harms of momordika

Useful properties of the Vietnamese In the leaves contains many useful elements such as calcium, sodium, iron and phosphorus. The fruits and shoots the Vietnamese are a source of potassium, silicon, selenium, zinc, vitamins A, b, E, F, Pantothenic, nicotinic and folic acids. In some countries the leaves are used in cooking of national dishes. Appetizers, soups and salads made young shoots of a plant. Fruits are consumed as ripe and almost ripe — they are equally useful and pleasant to the taste, the only difference in the roughness and sharpness.

Scientists have proven that this plant increases the total number of beta enzymes in the pancreas, and beneficial effects on the function of the body to insulin, this means that the substances contained in the Indian pomegranate, help to regulate the concentration of sugar in the blood. Another useful property of the Vietnamese, which revealed relatively recently, was the ability to inhibit cancer cells and tumors. Studies have been conducted, during which it became clear that medicinal products that include extract of the herb, help to stop the spread of prostate tumors. Numerous studies have demonstrated antileukemic activity and antilocution components contained in the plant, against sarcoma, melanoma, liver cancer and leukemia.



MOMORDICA is a natural remedy that helps rid the body of toxins and other foreign agents involved in the stimulation of the immune system, so it becomes almost an indispensable product.

Harm to the Vietnamese, However, no matter how useful properties not possessed the plant, do not overdo it with the consumption. If you have any desire to feel the miraculous effect of its fruit, no need to try to eat them as much as possible, the disease you will not cure, and allergies to earn it is possible. Everything else there is a very strong contraindication to the use of the Vietnamese, this pregnancy, after the administration of extract and fruit of this plant increases the risk of spontaneous abortion. Individual intolerance to the product, is also one of the contraindications. So before you try this or that unfamiliar fruit or vegetable is more, even the most useful plants have their own specific advantages and disadvantages that are worth paying attention to.