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The benefits and harms of Clementine

The benefits from the use Clementino

To normalize appetite

Part Clementino dietary fiber is able to give people the feeling of satiety. After eating this fruit people have the feeling of satiety, unbridled appetite disappears. To learn to control their desires regarding Goodies, you need each time you desire to eat to eat a slice or two of Clementine.

For normal functioning of the heart

The Clementine is in excess of folic acid. It is very useful for the normal functioning of the heart. Very useful folic acid to women expecting a baby. Regular use of products containing folic acid reduces the risk of fetal birth defects. In addition Clementino other sources of folic acid are apricots, green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, avocado.

Clementines also contain a lot of potassium. Potassium has benefits for the cardiovascular system, due to potassium normalizerbase blood pressure. It monitors the reduction of muscle tissue, regulates the body's water balance.



Cereals and fruits which are rich in dietary fiber, eliminate excess blood sugar and triglycerides. Each day the human body along with the food comes plenty of triglycerides. Especially a lot of them comes from animal fats (e.g. butter, margarine). It's very hard for the heart, as these substances are deposited on the walls of blood vessels.

Harm from excessive use of clementines

If you eat clementines in very large numbers, it is possible to cause your body irreparable harm. Because the body for normal functioning, you need a varied diet to maintain a healthy homeostasis. For example, adhering to the citrus diet you can get deficiency of such important nutrients as protein and calcium.

Excess vitamin C

Very often, people use large quantities of water-soluble vitamin C. They do this in order to saturate your body with antioxidants. But it is very dangerous, as as ascorbic acid in combination with drugs that thin the blood, increases the toxicity of certain types of metal.

Increases in blood sugar levels

If the number Clementino in the diet will be very large, it can cause an increase in blood sugar. The human body is individual and completely different, it may respond to the receipt of the carbohydrates present in fresh fruits (the same applies to sugar).