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The benefits and harms of durian

The Benefit Of Durian.

You can endure the particular aroma of durian not even for the sake of taste, and for the benefit, because this fruit contains a huge amount of nutrients. This primarily vitamins: retinol, ascorbic acid, Tocopherols and tocotrienols (collectively, represent vitamin E). In addition, durian is rich in b vitamins, manganese, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and most importantly, sulfur. Not less valuable elements, amino acids and antioxidants. 

Organic sulfur, is presented in the flesh of durian, the culprit of the odor. However, she identifies this fruit as the only sulfur-containing edible product. The importance of sulfur for the body is enormous. In a biologically active form of this element is easily absorbed and is part of the important proteins and hormonal substances. 

Sulfur helps to keep normal blood sugar levels, important to know for diabetics. Based on this property of durian to solve the problem of a glucose imbalance. 

It is impossible to ignore the antioxidant properties of sulphur, because it is a part of antioxidants that slow the aging process. It is the antioxidants are not allowed to develop malignant tumors. Sulfur, like a broom, rids the body of toxins, catalyzes many biochemical processes.



The dangers of the durian.

All good durian, with the exception of high blood pressure: it increases blood pressure. Harmful to taste the unusual fruits for pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with individual intolerance to this product. 

Despite its name, durian is considered a fruit, and therefore is not combined with a bad drink, particularly alcohol. Moreover, a mixture of "durian + alcohol" can cause great harm to organizmu to cause severe poisoning and cause serious complications. 

Culinary enthusiasm "tasty skunk" covers desserts such as jams, candies, jams and ice creams-all of these sweets can be prepared from the fruit of durian. The original sauce to rice also the merit of exotic fruit. To get it, the pulp is treated with heat and is mixed with mint.