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The benefits and harms of hawthorn

Hawthorn for the heart is useful in various disorders of its activities and manifestations of weakness of this organ. Prescribe hawthorn after severe diseases. It will help and during hypertension, angioneurosis, hyperthyroidism, eliminate tachycardia and arrhythmia. Hawthorn tones the heart muscle, increases blood circulation in the coronary vessels. The vessels of the brain, and coronary hawthorn dilates selectively. This property allows you to apply products based on hawthorn directed. This helps to retain adequate oxygen to the myocardium and brain neurons. Hawthorn will remove unpleasant and painful sensations in the heart area and improve the General condition. Folk medicine recommends hawthorn berries to use, if edema associated with heart, rheumatism, epilepsy. And besides, there is reason to believe that treats the hawthorn and various nervous diseases, which are accompanied by pain. Have hawthorn properties that allow them to improve the activity of the mammary glands.

It contributes to the reduction of bioelectric activity of the cortex of the brain, calms the nervous system. It has been experimentally proven sedative effect of hawthorn. Also with the increased function of the thyroid gland will be useful to drugs hawthorn.



They also enhance bile secretion. Due to antispasmodic action is used hawthorn for headaches, pains in the loins, shoulders, shoulder blades, during dropsy, diseases of the blood. It is effective in diseases of the gallbladder, liver, renal colic and intestinal disorders. Frequent urination and a small amount of urine also becomes an indication for the use of hawthorn. Helps during fever, and when dealing with the herpes virus.

You can not abuse such as hawthorn berry contraindications, oddly enough, have got. Prolonged and excessive supplementation with hawthorn leading to excessive pressure drop, disturbance of the heart rhythm. Accordingly, the hypotensive is very cautious to take hawthorn pressure they are so low. A decoction of the hawthorn as its infusion, can't drink on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you may receive the intestinal spasm, vomiting or spasm of the vessels. Of course, it is necessary in moderate amounts to eat hawthorn – the benefits and harms then they will simply not comparable. In this regard, it is logical to have questions how to use the hawthorn and that can be prepared from hawthorn. In fact, options can be very much. Hypertension and neuroses prepare infusion of hawthorn: this requires a mixture of four parts of hawthorn fruit, the same number of motherwort and one part chamomile. One tablespoon of this mixture is poured a glass of boiling water. Infused for two hours. To be taken three times a day a tablespoon.