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The benefits and harms of bergamot

The beneficial properties of bergamot

Bergamot as a fruit, we have virtually not found in the sale, but the bergamot essential oil can be found everywhere, in the composition of tea, confectionery products and in its pure form, in the sales of aromatic oils. The beneficial properties of bergamot is truly amazing, it is a strong antiseptic that before the discovery of antibiotics used in the treatment of many inflammatory diseases and Use bergamottin character. Bergamot and is widely used today in the treatment of viral and colds, as a diaphoretic and antipyretic agent, has expectorant properties, also bergamot has the ability to strengthen the immune system and protective forces of an organism.



Consumption of tea with bergamot helps to cleanse the skin from age spots, improves skin turgor. If skin is oily, enlarged pores, use bergamot, connecting with the beneficial properties of tea, is an excellent way to reduce pores and reduce the intensity of the sebaceous glands.

Beware of bergamot!

People who have trouble falling asleep, it is not advisable to drink strong tea with bergamot.

If allergic to citrus fruits should also avoid use of drugs with bergamot.

The smell of citrus is not recommended to inhale for children and adolescents up to 12 years.

Because of the ability of bergamot pigmenting the skin, should not use the oil of this citrus or cosmetics with it in the composition in direct sunlight.